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  1. C

    Question How hard would it be to write bot for Genshin Impact "rerolls"?

    Hello Everyone, I've been playing Genshin Impact for a few days. In my opinion it's a really great game, hindered by predatory gacha business model (the drop rates are abyssally low). Just let me demonstrate that with some math (skip the orange part If you're not interested). Context: You drop...
  2. Nomade

    Source Code Piratestorm socket based client bot

    Hello, I've started working on a bot for a flash based browser game called Piratestorm approximately 4 months ago but I haven't worked on it since 3 months ago and I don't think I'll be doing anything with it in the near future so I'm just gonna make it public because I believe it has some...
  3. jackno

    Download Trickster Bot - MMORPG 2D auto bot

    this Game name is Trickster
  4. M

    Source Code MapleStory Packet Hack & NGS Bypass

    Yo. Been working with maplestory recently, you might have seen my older post Guide - The basics of Packets. Case study: MapleStory Anyways, i've been getting slowly more and more bored with it and then the game decided to update so I'm at least 99% over it now. So i've made my repo public for...
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