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  1. mermaid

    Question [ HELP ] "Access violation reading location" error when trying to call in-game function.

    Context The objective here is to call a function that moves the selected army to a specific province. Upon analysing the source code in IDA I have come across this patch of code that should do what I'm trying to accomplish. Through further analysis I came to the conclusion that the variable v43...
  2. S

    Solved Inject c++ dll into Phasmophobia?

    Hello I have a dll in c++ I want to inject into the game called Phasmophobia, but the problem is that every time I try using cheat engine it gives me errors and I'm assuming it's because its a Unity game. I read about mono injection in some of the other threads, but they use c#. Is this what I...
  3. xNyu

    Question C# Add System.Reflection assembly too Unity game

    Hey guys, there is this game I want to mod, at the moment I work on a dynamic mod loader, which is patched in Assembly-CSharp. It looks something like this: string curDir = (Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); if (Directory.Exists(curDir + @"\Mods")){ string[] mods =...
  4. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Cheat engine 7.1 game: Super Mario theme

    The cheat engine games are pretty basic, but the thing that's been really driving me up the wall is the lack of theme music Then I remembered I'm a game hacker and I can add it myself. Enjoy. Midi from TMK | Downloads | Sounds & Music | MIDIs | Super Mario Bros. (NES) { Game ...
  5. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Cheat Engine 7.1 game: Mouse teleport hack for level 3

    This took me the best part of a day to get right. Things that ground my gears: GetCursorPos does some test to see if the pointer is writeable, but this check means it won't write to executable memory (even if it's also writeable). Fix: make some space on the stack Got properly Micro$hafted by...
  6. h4nsbr1x

    Source Code Shellcode in cheat engine

    The tutorial for the cheat engine sample games was a lot of fun, and one of the comments was "we could make the player to follow the mouse as an anti-gravity hack", and that got me thinking about ways to make API calls from inside cheat engine. The short answer: Cheat engine is smart enough to...
  7. HexMurder

    Off Topic Hello World in 68000 Assembly

    Off topic af but this is pretty cool imo. This guy demonstrates how to write a hello world application for the sega megadrive. Developing for this system seems like a great way to learn asm if you have the time and the balls. (and the devkit lmao).
  8. HexMurder

    Discuss C++ to x86/x64 Online

    Just figured i would share this here for anyone who may find it useful. This is a great free tool for developing a stronger understanding of assembly. It converts code from many languages into assembly. Each line is color coded, and you can right click any instruction to see documentation on it...
  9. S

    Solved Multiplication of XMM registers not working as I expect (CE)

    I'm trying to do a simple damage multiplicator cheat, and so far I got this script: [ENABLE] aobscanregion(INJECT,Enemy:DealDamageToEnemy+1eb,Enemy:DealDamageToEnemy+3eb,F2 0F 5C C1 48 8B C8) alloc(newmem,2048,INJECT) label(returnhere) label(exit) alloc(DMGMult,4) registersymbol(DMGMult)...
  10. Nomade

    Source Code set of single-header libraries for C/C++

    The first few lines of each library are comments describing how the library works, you should read it. Note that some libraries may be far from done. Libraries: C89 x86 disassembler(nmd_assembly.h) C89 memory library for windows(platform_specific/nmd_memory.h) graphics library(nmd_graphics.h)...
  11. Kage

    Source Code Windows SysCall - NtCreateFile

    I was inspired by @timb3r from his SysCall Dumper. That's why I wanted to make a "easy" syscall for creating a file. Take me about 5 hours to figuare out how this work :ROFLMAO: #include <Windows.h> #include <stdio.h> #include "windows_struct.h" int createTestFile() { HANDLE hCurtProc =...
  12. Nomade

    Source Code List of instructions/opcodes that use relative addressing(rel8, rel16, rel32)

    I'm currently working on a function that checks whether an instruction uses relative addressing and if so, resolves it to another location. I had to search for all instructions and it took some time(like 20 minutes), so why not make a nice easy to find list here: Opcodes: rel8 jmp 70-7F, E3...
  13. B

    Source Code Self modifying code (proof of concept)

    I think code obfuscation, packing, antidebugging etc. is pretty interesting topics. When I first heard about metamorpic code I just knew that this is one of those things that I one day need to be able to write. This can in no way be considered metamorpic code, but I think it's a step on the...
  14. S

    Solved Finding a hidden counter in a game

    This is for calling the login function So after ultimapping it,and looking through the results one by one,on the software break this popped up whenever im trying to login Can anyone help me figure out what its going on here It's a bit scuffed unlike other games,as it heavly uses python,the...
  15. Compeador

    Solved Should I manually dealloc "db"?

    Just a random silly question, this is usually how I declare a variable in AA script: [ENABLE] aobscanmodule(INJECT, Game.exe, 89 82 20 09 00 00) alloc(newmem, $1000, "Game.exe"+15BA3D1) label(code) label(return) label(myvar) newmem: // do some hacky stuff jmp code code: mov...
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