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  1. Elitiok

    Solved Assault Cube Internal Hack - Why the code is not working

    Hello Folks, I am currently doing an Internal Hack for Assault Cube My Plans Are - Unlimited Values (health, ammo, grenades) (done) - No Recoil (done) - Trigger bot (done) - Fly Hack (did not do it yet) So I decided first test my the stuff I did I am using reclass generated classes #include...
  2. Elitiok

    Solved How to make an External Trigger Bot for Assault Cube

    Hello Folks, I am currently making a Assault Cube Multi hack to practice all the knowledge I have taken and I decided to make both an internal and external version. I Wanted to Know How to make a External Trigger bot for assault cube I can do it internally by calling the GetCrossHairEnt Function...
  3. J

    Solved 2D Coordinates Seem To Move Incorrectly When I Move My Mouse

    I have been working on this problem for like a week now and I am completely stumped. So pretty much I am making an ESP for Assault Cube, but it's not working quite as expected. I've so far managed to get it to scale correctly at distances, but when I move my mouse it would seem that the 2D...
  4. M

    Solved Assaultcube

    Hi, how are you guys, I have a problem with the Assaultcube game when I try to get to the jump value to make a high jump and hack spead , I cannot reach the value I am using the Unnkown initial value, then I jump and use the increase value, then Unchanged Value, but I cannot Get the value Can...
  5. M

    Solved Cheat Engine, simple script doesn't work (AssaultCube)

    I'm creating a simple script for AssultCube which simply compares current value of ammo to some another int value (10 in my case): if the value is greater then 10 - do nothing, if less - assign it to 20. (max ammo). Here's my script: But when current ammo drops to 9, game simply crashes.
  6. hybrid5145

    Source Code Assault Cube || Simple Read/Write Memory Hack

    I'm aware that this is probably one of the worst cheats you have ever seen if you are experienced but I just recently (about 5 days ago) started to get into game hacking and prior to that the only knowledge I had was from code compilers I had found and made calculators with on the app store. To...
  7. PwndDepot

    Source Code AssaultPubes - AssaultCube MultiHack

    I know theres like a million of these but figured i'd post mine since it has been like years since I posted anything lol. Have a million unfinished projects so figured I would work on one. Mine is pretty basic, uses imgui as a menu and features basic hacks. The no recoil hack I made works only...
  8. XdarionX

    Assault Cube Internal Hack by XdarionX 1.0

    When I was bored and decided to practice my skills, I returned back to old good AssaultCube ! This Assault Cube internal hack has following features: - Fancy Menu (open with INSERT, navigate with arrowkeys and toggle cheat with enter) - Aimbot + Autoshoot - No Recoil + No Spread + No Kickback -...
  9. J

    Solved ESP Drawing In Wrong Place

    Hi, so I have just recently learned how to draw with directx and I am now studying the WorldToScreen() function for Assault Cube. After figuring out how it works and studying source code, I have tried coding one myself. I have used your OpenGL source code and coded my own version of it, but it...
  10. eku952

    Solved GH DLL Injector Error Code 0x1D

    Hello everyone! I recently finished a simple but functional aimbot for Assault Cube. I was able to get it compiling and injecting properly using Visual Studio and the VS compiler. However, I personally prefer CLion over VS and therefore was trying to get my DLL working using the mingw compiler...
  11. Nexobeta28

    Solved WriteProcessMemory not working with pointers [C++]

    Hello, Im coding my first trainer, is for assault cube. I tried the code with the dynamic addresses that I exctracted from cheat engine, and it works, but obviously, I want to use the pointer, not the dynamic address. I have the player base address and the health offset, so im trying to write...
  12. Nexobeta28

    Solved Getting process ID [C++]

    Hello, I started with trainers and mod menus a few days ago. I watched a lot of tutorials and I already made my first simple trainer for assault cube, I need to change the pointers, if anyone wants to help with any advice would be great. [C++] Assault rifle trainer by Nexobeta28 -
  13. st3k

    Source Code First AssaultCube Trainer.

    Hi. Started coding and hacking for a little less than a month ago, finished my first external AssaultCube trainer today. Posting it here in case some other beginners like me find it useful. Feedback is appreciated :) #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> #include <TlHelp32.h> #include...
  14. timb3r

    Tutorial Multilevel Pointers Explained (using AssaultCUBE)

    Original Post Date: January 4, 2019 Multilevel Pointers Explained: Something that comes as no surprise to me is just how much trouble new programmers have with pointers. Pointers are easy! I wrote a whole tutorial on pointers for that specific reason. However something that trips people up is...
  15. J

    Solved Transparent Window For ESP

    Hey guys, I am making a transparent window with directx for assault cube to make an ESP. Now I got the transparent window made and everything works 100% fine except for one thing, when I move my mouse my character's head doesn't move with it. I have looked online for days and nothing I have...
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