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  1. obdr

    Source Code AssaultCube Multihack (Internal) - Aimbot/Triggerbot/ESP/Teleport/Speedhack/FlyHack, more

    For the past 10 days, I've been making an AssaultCube multihack. Though I messed with it before, I never went so deep as I did this time. This hack was made close to the AssaultCube source code, and has some of its files included on it. I think this is by far my best hack as of now, as it has a...
  2. Fozzila

    Source Code Assault Cube | Read / Write | Aimbot | Simple Cheat

    Assault Cube Cheat Ahead! Hello, I have been working on this for about a week now just want to know any one's thought on it. Please I am open to criticism and such. Thank you to sammy6369 for making his / her thread about his simple Aimbot he made in C++ as this helped with the fundamentals...
  3. pornstarKelso

    Solved Problems with pointer scan Assault Cube

    Hi! I've been following the beginner tutorials and right now i'm stuck in the pointer scan tutorial by rake. Here's what i've tried so far: I used this cheat table that i've been developing along side the other tutorials to get the addres of my health variable "Health 1" Then i generated a...
  4. tappineapple

    Source Code Assault Cube Aimbot (External)

    I spent the evening coding an external aimbot for assault cube and I figured I would share what I came up with. I would like to note that I am very proud of the way I got the handle to the game because I didn't follow a tutorial to get get it. It was 100% just looking around MSDN. I know that...
  5. tappineapple

    Solved GetWindowThreadProcessId not working?

    I am trying to make a basic external trainer using the name of the process window (in my case "AssaultCube"). My first step is to get a handle on the window. HWND hwnd = FindWindow(NULL, windowName); This works as intended. The problem occurs when I try and get the process handle from the...
  6. userless65

    Source Code Assault Cube Hack

    Hi, I Want To Introduce My Hack For Assault Cube By Learning OpenGL. Features of Hack:- 1- Health Hack (Not Working Online) 2-Ammo Hack (Not Working Online) 3-NoClip (Works Online) 4-ESP (Works Online) 5-Spread Hack(Not Working Online) 6-TriggerBot(Works Online) I Know This Hack Doesn't Have...
  7. h4nsbr1x

    Discuss Using breakpoint logs in x64dbg

    I've been having a play with Assault Cube to look at how the network protocol works, and I'll skip over the part where I found the call to SendTo and will focus on the part where one of the WSABUF structs gets populated: 49B005: mov eax, [ebx+50h] test eax, eax jz short loc_49B050...
  8. Fiereu

    Source Code AssaultCube Internal Cheat + Injector

    This build still has a lot of bugs. I have decided to make my cheat public because I will have less time to deal with it in the near future. I am open to any kind of criticism and any opportunities for improvement. This is my first C ++ internal cheat so there will definitely be a lot to...
  9. Elitiok

    Solved Assault Cube Internal Hack - Why the code is not working

    Hello Folks, I am currently doing an Internal Hack for Assault Cube My Plans Are - Unlimited Values (health, ammo, grenades) (done) - No Recoil (done) - Trigger bot (done) - Fly Hack (did not do it yet) So I decided first test my the stuff I did I am using reclass generated classes #include...
  10. Elitiok

    Solved How to make an External Trigger Bot for Assault Cube

    Hello Folks, I am currently making a Assault Cube Multi hack to practice all the knowledge I have taken and I decided to make both an internal and external version. I Wanted to Know How to make a External Trigger bot for assault cube I can do it internally by calling the GetCrossHairEnt Function...
  11. J

    Solved 2D Coordinates Seem To Move Incorrectly When I Move My Mouse

    I have been working on this problem for like a week now and I am completely stumped. So pretty much I am making an ESP for Assault Cube, but it's not working quite as expected. I've so far managed to get it to scale correctly at distances, but when I move my mouse it would seem that the 2D...
  12. M

    Solved Assaultcube

    Hi, how are you guys, I have a problem with the Assaultcube game when I try to get to the jump value to make a high jump and hack spead , I cannot reach the value I am using the Unnkown initial value, then I jump and use the increase value, then Unchanged Value, but I cannot Get the value Can...
  13. M

    Solved Cheat Engine, simple script doesn't work (AssaultCube)

    I'm creating a simple script for AssultCube which simply compares current value of ammo to some another int value (10 in my case): if the value is greater then 10 - do nothing, if less - assign it to 20. (max ammo). Here's my script: But when current ammo drops to 9, game simply crashes.
  14. hybrid5145

    Source Code Assault Cube || Simple Read/Write Memory Hack

    I'm aware that this is probably one of the worst cheats you have ever seen if you are experienced but I just recently (about 5 days ago) started to get into game hacking and prior to that the only knowledge I had was from code compilers I had found and made calculators with on the app store. To...
  15. PwndDepot

    Source Code AssaultPubes - AssaultCube MultiHack

    I know theres like a million of these but figured i'd post mine since it has been like years since I posted anything lol. Have a million unfinished projects so figured I would work on one. Mine is pretty basic, uses imgui as a menu and features basic hacks. The no recoil hack I made works only...
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