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    Solved Diablo 2, Cheat Engine Table

    I'm trying to get "exp" to store current experience of the character in Diablo 2 I did "what access to this address" in Cheat Engine and found out that "edi" stores experience value. When i added "exp" value to my CE Table, it shows that it's value changes every time character moves and is...
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    Question CheatEngine and Diablo 2 Table

    I'm trying to get experience address/value with AOB in Diablo 2. There are 5-6 values that always changes in the CE when i kill a monster, so i took some of them -> "What access to this address" -> and made the following AOB. What am i missing? What could be the reason that actually ecx...
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    Solved Cheat Engine, simple script doesn't work (AssaultCube)

    I'm creating a simple script for AssultCube which simply compares current value of ammo to some another int value (10 in my case): if the value is greater then 10 - do nothing, if less - assign it to 20. (max ammo). Here's my script: But when current ammo drops to 9, game simply crashes.
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