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  1. st3k

    Solved Has CSGO updated their "anti-cheat" system yet again?

    So, it was a very small update today on CSGO: the update. After the update i tried injecting my cheat and crashed. Checked my offsets and they seem to be correct. However, when i inject with insecure flag i get no crash. The update is said to fix performance issues related to third party...
  2. Rake

    Guide GHB4 - Anti-Debug, AntiCheat & Kernel Mode

    This is not a complete part of the Game Hacking Bible. In it's place, here is a collection of our resources related to these topics. Do not be naive and think bypassing anticheat is easy. Main Resources 300+ Threads in the Anti-Debug & Anticheat Forum Section Guide - How to Bypass...
  3. KF1337

    Solved What do you guys think about CSGO's new "Anti-cheat" system.

    This came in a few hours ago. Still in beta though. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive What are your thoughts and first ideas about this?
  4. as21

    Solved Self-hiding in Internal Memory ?

    First of all Hello everyone Game Name =zula Game bit: 32 Bit I'm dealing with a game protected by Battleye I don't know how to make myself invisible in memory I encrypt the texts. But, as you know, when encrypted in the memory, it doesn't work. briefly I try to hide myself in memory. I...
  5. _Kalu_

    Solved Done with everything. Time to bypas, but don't know were to start

    Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum but i've been watching all Rake's videos through the end. And now i come up with a 'must do' question. I know now how to reverse engineer, hook, and write c++ code ( it was my first language so i'm ok with it) but i really can't find out how to start learning...
  6. Rake

    Discuss Valorant Anticheat - Vanguard - No Outrage Necessary

    Why anti-cheat software utilize kernel drivers Disclaimer Many of us in the secret club work as independent or full time security consultants for many different companies, including anti-cheat companies, which implicates Riot Games. This does not mean I am affiliated with Riot Games, they have...
  7. I

    Guide How anti-cheats detect system emulation

    This is an article made in collaboration with Daax, ajkhoury and drew. Might be useful for those wondering how hypervisors can be detected and the current techniques used by commercial anti-cheats. "As our first article addressing the various methods of detecting the presence of VMMs, whether...
  8. V

    Question A question regarding anti-patching methods (Checksum)

    Hello, There's an online game that designs its own protective measures and I've been trying to exploit it for a while. Basically I know exactly where the opcodes (using array of bytes) that control the stats I want to hack and I was able to hack this game by patching the client file (game.exe...
  9. I

    Source Code CVEAC-2020: Bypassing EasyAntiCheat integrity checks

    This is an article that I wrote for Secret Club. Figured out that you guys would find it interesting: "Cheat developers have specific interest in anti-cheat self-integrity checks. If you can circumvent them, you can effectively patch out or “hook” any anti-cheat code that could lead to a kick...
  10. pkdarn

    Solved (Clarification) Are hooks enough to bypass an anti-cheat?

    I'm creating an ESP and I'm a bit confused as to whether extra steps are needed to bypass an anticheat. I'm using a trampoline hook on the EndScene function to draw my ESP. Besides whichever injection method I use, would it be undetected considering I do everything correctly? My apologies if...
  11. L

    Intro Hi!

    Hello everyone, i found this site from "Cheat The Game" YT channel, he teach me a lot from cheat engine, i decided to join this site and learn more than before, i hope it's possible here :) cheers!
  12. C

    Question COD WarZone anti-cheat encryption / decryption

    On a conceptual level, how do anti-cheat providers encrypt their game, and how does one decrypt it? I see others already decrypted parts of the Modern Warfare binary on uc, but they are not detailing how they did it. I thought this only happened in the binary and not in the memory, so I was...
  13. 2

    Solved Virtual Machine

    I've heard a few people mention using a hypervisor or virtual machine to avoid the use of a driver for debugging/the actual cheat. I'm curious as to how you would mitigate the performance hit from running a game in a VM. I looked at a Douggem video where he appeared to be debugging a VM running...
  14. RyccoSN

    Source Code GH Debugme - Win32 app with anti-debugging techniques

    Yo, Just released v1 of guided-hacking/anti-debugging . It's a implementation of some anti-debugging techniques on a Win32 application. The idea is to cover most used anti-debugging methods, so feel free to drop a Pull Request anytime with a new anti-debugging method. Source Code
  15. Rtak

    Solved Advice on hiding external process hack

    Hello, I need some advice on how to hide user mode process which just sends read/write requests to kernel mode counter part. It would use functions like CreateToolhelp32Snapshot just to get the process id ( could do it from kernel also, but its more convenient from user mode), GetAsyncKeyState...
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