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  1. RyccoSN

    Tutorial Steam Loader - Bypass for Steam ThreadHideFromDebugger anti-debugging

    This is a write up about my learning journey on early process injection and Steam anti-debugging. We'll talk about CreateProcessW, suspended thread state, DLL injection and tools like Procmon and Process Hacker 2. There are some links throughout the guide so if you are a beginner I recommend...
  2. O

    Question Hardware Breakpoint Detection

    Hey guys. I want to use hardware breakpoint in a game. This game protected by latest vmprotect. Obviously it can easily detect the hwbp through the debug register (dr0-dr7). I attempted to bypass this detections but without success. I have tried.... -NtGetContextThread Hook (clear debug...
  3. d7k177y

    Solved Can't handle RaiseException

    Hey all, im acutally trying to re Natural Selection 2, but no matter what im doing, after attaching the debugger the game dies. I red all guides/howto's i could find regarding this issue but the UnhandledException kills my game. This is the part where my games dies. i tried everything...
  4. _Kalu_

    Solved Done with everything. Time to bypas, but don't know were to start

    Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum but i've been watching all Rake's videos through the end. And now i come up with a 'must do' question. I know now how to reverse engineer, hook, and write c++ code ( it was my first language so i'm ok with it) but i really can't find out how to start learning...
  5. V

    Question A question regarding anti-patching methods (Checksum)

    Hello, There's an online game that designs its own protective measures and I've been trying to exploit it for a while. Basically I know exactly where the opcodes (using array of bytes) that control the stats I want to hack and I was able to hack this game by patching the client file (game.exe...
  6. RyccoSN

    Source Code GH Debugme - Win32 app with anti-debugging techniques

    Yo, Just released v1 of guided-hacking/anti-debugging . It's a implementation of some anti-debugging techniques on a Win32 application. The idea is to cover most used anti-debugging methods, so feel free to drop a Pull Request anytime with a new anti-debugging method. Source Code
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