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  1. silentrunner

    Solved Black Ops 3 Anticheat - Cheat Engine can't attach

    Hi New to the forum but not new to making trainers, I recently decided to take alook at Black Ops 3, Im only interested in doing stuff offline in Zombies. I did some digging and saw I needed an unassigned version of Cheat Engine so the game would not close. I downloaded the files here and...
  2. RyccoSN

    Tutorial Steam Loader - Bypass for Steam ThreadHideFromDebugger anti-debugging

    This is a write up about my learning journey on early process injection and Steam anti-debugging. We'll talk about CreateProcessW, suspended thread state, DLL injection and tools like Procmon and Process Hacker 2. There are some links throughout the guide so if you are a beginner I recommend...
  3. O

    Question Hardware Breakpoint Detection

    Hey guys. I want to use hardware breakpoint in a game. This game protected by latest vmprotect. Obviously it can easily detect the hwbp through the debug register (dr0-dr7). I attempted to bypass this detections but without success. I have tried.... -NtGetContextThread Hook (clear debug...
  4. pcG

    Tutorial Attaching debuggers instantly on launch using Windows GFlags

    Hey guys, I've used this method successfully in the past to attach a debugger to games that normally crash or close out when you try attaching. It's especially useful if you're trying to debug a game that uses a launcher like Origin where you can't easily manually launch the executable through...
  5. d7k177y

    Solved Can't handle RaiseException

    Hey all, im acutally trying to re Natural Selection 2, but no matter what im doing, after attaching the debugger the game dies. I red all guides/howto's i could find regarding this issue but the UnhandledException kills my game. This is the part where my games dies. i tried everything...
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