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  1. M

    Question Android strategy games

    I have read though a few beginner tutorials and they mostly look at either online games or shooter style games. Could someone point me at the best approach to learn if I want to cheat an android strategy game please? I have sniffed packet data but unsure if they are the best method or how to...
  2. Kauv

    Tutorial Android Hacking Tips and Tricks with Frida & BurpSuite

    Hello, So, this post has become much more massive than I was expecting it to be. I didn't want to make a full blown tutorial describing every little detail. My goal is to provide a branching off point to give some insight into a few methodologies I have used over the past couple weeks with some...
  3. A

    Question Help for hacking android games based on Unreal Engine 4.

    All I found everywhere arr stuff related to hacking pc games using cheat engine.But what about android games , because cheat engine doesn't work for android games so we use game guardian.Also , all stuff related to android games are based on unity based games that is using il2cpp , what about...
  4. RyccoSN

    Solved Debugger not working on Bluestacks (Android Emulator)

    Yo! I've been trying to hack Call of Duty Mobile with Cheat Engine. It's running on Bluestacks, but I can't get the debugger to work (to show me what reads/writes to the address). I've tried all 3 debugging types, and none of them bring any result :( If I can't get the debugger to work, any...
  5. DoUknowme

    Solved Getting pointers in android game

    Hi, I have rooted phone so I am messing around with some games in android but how do I get a pointer to a specific variable in that kind of game. Are there any tools on android for such purpose? I tried using ceserver but this is so unstable and slow. I don't know how do I deal with this.
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