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  1. YasKashije

    Tutorial Bypass SafetyNet Signature&Root Detection on some games

    Hello GH, In case you don't know, SafetyNet is some kind of test that detects abnormalities (like root) on your device. Not only that, test may also fail if original apk signature gets broken. Some games use this as a novice repellant "anti-cheat security". Game I'll be using as example...
  2. matrixhax

    Video Tutorial How to Use CE network Scanning with CE apk tutorial + need solve last problem

    hello friends i was wondering how can we hack some android games with really hacking like the full power of CE cause other mobile app hacking tool can only search memory but if i need to find out what access or find pointers or do many things it look impossible so i saw that CE have an app...
  3. D

    Question Scraping map coordinates

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to reach out in hopes to get some suggestions on a way forward with my goal. I have an android game that has a RTS-style map. I'm able to get JSON data for many of the things I need by querying the API endpoint addresses I found in memory. The one thing I haven't been...
  4. Mhoole

    Solved Android strategy games

    I have read though a few beginner tutorials and they mostly look at either online games or shooter style games. Could someone point me at the best approach to learn if I want to cheat an android strategy game please? I have sniffed packet data but unsure if they are the best method or how to...
  5. Kauv

    Tutorial Android Hacking Tips and Tricks with Frida & BurpSuite

    Hello, So, this post has become much more massive than I was expecting it to be. I didn't want to make a full blown tutorial describing every little detail. My goal is to provide a branching off point to give some insight into a few methodologies I have used over the past couple weeks with some...
  6. A

    Question Help for hacking android games based on Unreal Engine 4.

    All I found everywhere arr stuff related to hacking pc games using cheat engine.But what about android games , because cheat engine doesn't work for android games so we use game guardian.Also , all stuff related to android games are based on unity based games that is using il2cpp , what about...
  7. RyccoSN

    Solved Debugger not working on Bluestacks (Android Emulator)

    Yo! I've been trying to hack Call of Duty Mobile with Cheat Engine. It's running on Bluestacks, but I can't get the debugger to work (to show me what reads/writes to the address). I've tried all 3 debugging types, and none of them bring any result :( If I can't get the debugger to work, any...
  8. DoUknowme

    Solved Getting pointers in android game

    Hi, I have rooted phone so I am messing around with some games in android but how do I get a pointer to a specific variable in that kind of game. Are there any tools on android for such purpose? I tried using ceserver but this is so unstable and slow. I don't know how do I deal with this.
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