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      Hacked By Jesus
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      Jan 2014
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      Talking COD WWII Undetected Cheat Engine

      Silent VPN

      Wondering where all the hacks are for Call of Duty WWII? Me too. I haven't made any cheats but if you play around with Call of Duty WW2 you will notice that opening Cheat Engine will cause WWII to crash because they use some detection based on file paths and window names. If you change these things in Cheat Engine you can make it undetected for this game and then you can use Cheat Engine like you normally would. So I'm attaching a undetected cheat engine to this post so you can download it.

      How to use:
      1. Extract the .exe to your Cheat Engine Folder
      2. Rename the cheat engine folder to anything you want except "Cheat Engine"
      3. Run the new .exe

      I did notice some TLS callback stuff so I don't think you can start the game from a debugger. When you set a breakpoint with the normal windows debugger it crashes the game, when you use VEH debugger I get this:
      COD WWII Undetected Cheat Engine

      Doesn't matter what kind of breakpoint you use (Hardware, Int3, Page Execeution) they all cause the game to crash.

      But you can search, scan and write to memory using cheat engine no.

      but what about DBVM and Dark Bytes's kernel driver dbk64.sys so we can attach the debugger?

      Well the security certificate signed dbk64.sys from the official Cheat Engine installation only talks to CheatEngine.exe that are signed by DarkByte himself. So since we modified the CheatEngine.exe we must compile it ourselves! Don't worry I already did it for you, I'm attaching a dbk64.sys that I compiled myself and it is unsigned. Now you must "Disabled Driver Signing" in your operating system to allow us to run it. To do this on Windows 10, hold shift and restart. Now go to Startup Setting and restart. It will give you options, #7 is "Disable Driver Signing Enforcement" you have to do this everytime unless you patch your system to do this every time. On Windows7 just reboot and hit F8 to get safe mode settings and you will see the same options.

      Now set DVBM in the debugger options of cheat engine, go to Help->About, enable DBVM and you can set breakpoints and hack this game to shit.

      UD CE Virus Scan

      DBK64-unsigned Virus Scan
      Attached Files Attached Files
      Last edited by [GH]Rake; 10-01-2017 at 09:18 PM. Reason: video update

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      Love Nabi Muhammad SAW
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      Jul 2015
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      You wrong, i have same problem on different game, but when i restore ring3 hook, maybe GetCommandLineA for veh error
      COD WWII Undetected Cheat Engine

      after i restore ring3 hook, i can debug with veh debugger, use PC Hunter, use PC Hunter

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      Learning to hack games!
      Feeling Normal
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      Jun 2012
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      Oh my fucking god? Rake made a youtube video.

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      Hacked By Jesus
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      Jan 2014
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      Silent VPN
      Quote Originally Posted by HexMurder View Post
      Oh my fucking god? Rake made a youtube video.
      Will.make a few more this month methinks

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