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      im big boned
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      Feb 2017
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      Shreksock Ogret Editor

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      hello jake paulers, im trying to work at a program that I'll call shreksock ogret editor, but I need some help from GH since I have no pasta to copy.

      So what I'm planning my WPE ripoff to do is hook the winsock shit games use (recv, send, WSASend, WSARecv) to capture and send packets, but the problem is I've no idea how winsock works or how it's different in games. Pls help me with sum tuts and sh1t, thx

      Literally the only thing I can do without pasta is hook tem funcs so plz help fast

      ill poost my progress here every day except the following week cause im going on a trip to auschwitz

      thanks you guidedhackiners

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      Beware the dragonborn
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      Dec 2016
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      Your best friend will be MSDN, for you to look how the functions works, what they do and how the may be used.
      Network traffic interception and protocol analysis is generally a less favored method to accomplish your goal here. For most modern games, encryption is a serious factor, and there are serious headaches associated with the protocol analysis for any but trivial factors of the most common gameplay scenarios.

      Most modern implementations* of what you are trying to do rely on reading and manipulating the memory space and process of a running client. The client will have already done all the hard parts for you, including decrypting the traffic and sorting it into far more easy to read data structures. For interacting with the server you can call functions built into the client instead of crafting entire series of packets from scratch. The plus to this approach is that you have to do far less work to interpret the data and produce activity. The minus is that there is often some data in the network traffic that would be useful to a bot but is discarded by the client, or that you may want to send traffic to the server that the client cannot produce (which, in my own well-developed hierarchy for such, is a few steps farther down the "cheating" slope).
      Having a decent knowledge on TPC/UDP will help you.
      Shreksock Ogret Editor

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      edgy 5 y/o
      __fastcall is superior
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      Jul 2015
      Gro▀deutsches Reich
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      Actually you just need to hook those functions to log the packets and make a GUI to control and display the logged stuff.

    4. Thanks Teuvin, Roman_Ablo thanked for this post
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      im big boned
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      Feb 2017
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      Advertise on GuidedHacking
      thanks teuvin, that was fucking useless

      gg for farming posts

      i have hooked the functions but i now need to figure out how to display the packets / send them, guess i gotta learn more winsock knaawledge


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