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    Thread: About Us

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      Hacked By Jesus
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      Jan 2014
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      Post About Us

      How to Manual Map DLL
      GuidedHacking is a friendly PC game hacking community that prides itself on encouraging and helping members learn how to hack. We have the largest collection of game hacking video tutorials on the net. 200+ videos totaling 60+ hours of content.

      GuidedHacking.com was founded by Fleep in early 2012 but had humbler beginnings when he began making youtube tutorials in early 2010, covering video game design, Cheat Engine and eventually aimbots & ESPs for games like Counter Strike Source and Call of Duty 4. While Fleep is no longer with us, his vision for GuidedHacking still defines us. We strive to be the best, friendly community that provide the resources that people needed to get started in the game hacking world. Fleep ran the site from 2012 to summer of 2015 at which time it was passed to [GH]Rake. Everyone asks why Fleep left it's really quite simple, he grew out of it and rather than let the site die he passed it on to the future generation of Guided Hackers.

      So who's this Rake guy?
      Well I'm 30 years old and I live in the USA. I did some game hacking back in high school around 2000-2005 in the days of multiplayercheats.org and cheatspeak.com Specifically with Unreal Tournament 1999 back when [ELF] was running shit. I went to college, became an adult and just the past couple years I got back into game hacking again. I came to GuidedHacking at this time and soon after took over the site. I think game hacking is fun and like to help and meet people to enjoy this hobby with.

      What separates us from other hacking forums?
      • Quality Content
      • Quality Moderation
      • Quality People

      Not everyone here is 1337, but we're glad to help and do our best not to be elitist jerks.

      We provide tutorials in text and video format and assistance with all forms of game hacking including:
      • Basic programming in C++ & C#
      • Usage of applications such as Cheat Engine, ollydbg and IDA
      • Basic dissasembly of portable executable files
      • General reverse engineering practices
      • Graphic APIs such as openGL and DirectX
      • How to make trainers, aimbots & ESP

      We've had many people contribute to the success of GH over the years and we wouldn't be where we are today without all their help.

      Everyone on Team GH is excited to be a part of this great community and hope you enjoy it as well.

      Be sure to read the rules, the FAQ and don't forget to have fun!

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      Steam Gaming
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      Cheat Engine Tutorials
      I can't remember how I found out this site, I think through YouTube, anyway, I'm glad I discovered it and I learned a lot of things this past months.
      I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.