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    Thread: Community FAQ

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      Question Community FAQ

      John Kittz
      Read The Rules!

      How do I download attachments?
      You must register and activate your account with the activation email to download attachments.

      Why aren't I getting the activation email?
      Emails take between 1-5 minutes to send. If you want them faster, donate so we can get another server!
      We are banned from sending email to outlook.com, hotmail.com, msn.com and any other microsoft email services.
      If you registered with one of these, go to https://guidedhacking.com/sendmessage.php and send us your username, your original email and the new email address you want to change to.

      What happened to my posts?
      All posts from new members are auto moderated and require approval from a moderator until you have met certain requirements.

      What happened to Fleep?
      He grew out of GH, probably finished college, got a girlfriend and got a job as a C# developer. He's gone!

      Why can't I upload images?
      Attaching images is disabled, upload to a free img host such as www.imgur.com and link the image using "[img]url of image here[/img]"

      How do I share screenshots?
      Download Lightshot and hot link images using img tags

      How to post code with syntax highlighting?
      Wrap your code with tags

      Community FAQ

      How to post code blocks in Discord?
      Use 3 tildes before and after your code, you can also add code type like this:
      Community FAQ

      Where do I post if I need help?
      For general hacking questions:
      For game specific or language specific questions post in the correct forum.

      How to make a good help me post?
      • Post everything we need to know to help you.
      • Give us a full description of what you've tried
      • Ask specific questions
      • Copy and paste all errors and what lines of code the errors are on
      • Tell us your experience level
      • Tell us what game you're hacking
      • Tell us what programming language you're using
      • Post your code snippets
      • Post screenshots

      Can you hack a game for me? Will you hack a game if I pay you $$?
      No, this is against the rules!

      How can I contribute to GH?
      Post questions and help other members. Post source code, tutorials and hacks.
      Follow us on social media and share us out to your social media. Tell everyone you know about GH

      Signatures should not be larger than 4 lines of text or 600x200
      Avatar Max Size 150x200

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      Re: Community FAQ

      This is a community FAQ not a hacking FAQ, anything else we should add? Hacking FAQ coming soon

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      Re: Community FAQ

      Been meaning to post this for some time

      How to post a Visual Studio Project

      Make the following modification to your solution folder:

      Solution Folder:
      Remove .sdf SQL Server Compact Edition Database File
      This holds all the undo/redo history
      Delete ipch folder

      In Project Folder:
      Delete Debug & Release folders. If you want to share the compiled files just include the file and not the object files

      Zip the entire project using a archive tool, I recommend 7-Zip
      Add as an attachment with virus scans from VirusTotal

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