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      Just a random Binomian
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      How To Hack Hill Climb Racing 2 For Android

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      Greetings everyone!, Binomi89 here back again with another Tutorial, in today's topic I am going to show you how to hack HCR2 for android,so lets gets started in the video i mentioned that i will hack coins,Diamonds and the fuel, so lets start with the first step which is hacking the fuel

      1.Step one :- hacking the fuel

      Alright so in order to hack the fuel you will need a program called Game Hacker or SB Game Hacker so if you have that then good,now what we
      will do is we are going to the data type and change the data type instead from Double to Float so once we are done from that we go to the game and we go to adventure, in adventure you should spawn, as soon you spawn before hitting the ground,pause the game and open up game hacker and search 100, now get back to the game make sure to lose some fuel and once you have done that, go to game hacker again and click on the search mode (which i will explain in the video what the icon looks like) anyways, you click on "Fuzzy search" and from fuzzy click on "Decrease" once you are done you should get few addresses lets say the value looks like 83.0 or eighty-three point something something you take that address and modify it by making the value 100 and boom, now you should have infinite fuel.

      2.Step two :- Hacking the coins

      Alright so in order to hack coins we go to adventure mode and then what we do is we look into our Coins shown on the screen the "coin counter" or what ever you guys call it, so what this does it shows the current coins we collected so for example it shows 230 coins thats our coins but what i have found that if you search for that value and then collect coins and then try searching for the modified value it wont display so what i did is i used Fuzzy search but i wont leave you with a pain in the ass to handle, so i figured it out how to hack the coins, its pretty simple so lets get to it, alright so lets say you have 100 coins, you will search for 101 coins instead of 100, that is how it works, okay so lets recap this, so lets say you have 235 coins, you will search for 236 coins instead of 235 and then modify the current value by collecting coins and lets say that you collected about 348 you search for 349 and boom you should find the Coins, if you did not understand the text then please watch the video where i explain in depth

      3.Step three :- Hacking the Diamonds

      its the same method as Step 2

      Support me : https://www.youtube.com/c/Binomi89?sub_confirmation=1

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      Hacked By Jesus
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      Glad to see you're back!

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      Staus? Whats a status?
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      Dec 2016
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      Pretty simple.. Nice tutorial bro , Any chance of you posting some Smali/Dalvik Bytecode? Tutorial on Android reverse engineering? It can be a little harder to do on games , but its an interesting subject not many people cover smali so im sure you'd get a huge audience!

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