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      Learning to hack games!
      Feeling Normal
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      Dec 2016
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      Yatori, Finding a place to call home!

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      I come from a different world in the IT field, I'll try to be general because I know its simply too long to explain what skills & talents people actually have without writing an essay (ill try to be brief). After that, I'll describe what I came here to do on GH / my goals and what I hope to expect! +maybe a little bit about my past with gaming!

      I'm a graphic / web designer + front-end developer (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery) with experience in PHP and MySQL. I have an expert level + ability to create CMS themes for Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. I have an advanced level knowledge + experience working with Linux distros and servers (server stacks, networking, load-balancing, etc) and got started in that path when I started playing HL1 + HL2 games like CS, TF2, etc. in my pre-teen phase several years ago!

      In those days you needed to possess a large amount of skills to have a successful server. a nice MOTD using HTML + graphic skills. Know-how for server plugins, mods, etc., the ability to even create a proper hl1-server or srcserver with the right tic-rate, server settings, etc. It was a soup of hot mess for a pre-teen who didn't even know what mark-up language was, let alone a real programming language.

      Fast forward and skipping a few years from the HL1 days, I'm here to say I've successfully went to school for graphic / web design, web development, UI / UX. I've worked for so many amazing companies as a permanent, contractor and freelancer.. Its been a long 8 years since I was barely able to open a windows directory and I feel like I've come a long way!

      I joined GH today because I want to evolve my skills. It was always my childhood dream to be able to do everything from scratch in the world of computers. I wanted to be good at everything. My goal is to have the ability to choose most games on the market and be able to create wonderful multi-hacks, bots, automation-tools, and exploits!

      I hope you all enjoyed my decently sized introduction!
      See you guys out there

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      Hacked By Jesus
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      Jan 2014
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      Highly enjoyable decently sized introduction! Welcome to GH! Your programming experience will lend nicely as you transition into learning low level game hacking stuff, many folks start game hacking with 0 programming experience so you will learn fast. Great to have you on board, wish you the best of luck

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      Aug 2015
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      Welcome to the forums bro! I think you're going to enjoy your time here, there's much to learn about game hacking and reverse engineering. It's a whole nother world compared to what you're probably used but I'm sure it'll click quite easily for you.

      If you need any sort of help, don't be afraid to ask

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      im not the godz im tha godz
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      Apr 2015
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      GAAAY..... sorry i had to do it.
      [ Press Me ]
      Yatori, Finding a place to call home!
      Link to image will change time to time.

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      Hacked By Jesus
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      Quote Originally Posted by Oneshot View Post
      GAAAY..... sorry i had to do it.

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