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I Can possibly do that, it all depends on the games security, SEND Packets change things on the server , while RCV Packets change things on the client , What you do is start recording for packets before you join the server and once you are in the server stop recording , Analyze the packets try to understand how there working , look for your name and if you can find a SEND Packet with your name you need to copy the HEX for your name from within the packet , and go to Create a filter which is on the left side of the program , once your in the create a filter area of WPE Pro , you should see something named Advanced or something like that , then it should change the hex input area to Yellow , click on where it says 'Position where the chain was found' then paste your hex code on the top input in the beginning, Secondly go back to the packet , change your name , must be the same size , and copy the hex for it , paste it in the bottom input of the packet and set the ammount of times to apply to 999 , turn the filter on and join a server it should change your name while its running the filter, but if you only find your name in a RCV Packet it will only change for you i believe..
thanks for tutorial I ill try it