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Thanks! I really want to learn more about reverse engineering, https://github.com/carpedm20/awesome...se-engineering

Right now I dont want to work on creating a memory scanning application unless its in node electron because that would be neat (lol) and not done before (maybe)

I'd like to pair on reverse engineering steam by finding out what is making it block the debugger, then figuring out how to patch it. I dont know how but it would be more fun doing it with someone else, and preferably someone who doesnt know either because hey its a more fun learning experience. What are your thoughts on this?
Eventually I would like to be able to do something like that. Especially if it were hampering my process. Currently, I am more focused on actually using the tools that currently exist to become more proficient with them. Then I would like to move on to anti-cheat protection and anti-detection methods. Somewhere in there I want to make my own tools and maybe write about it.

Those are awesome links my friend. Much more information than I expected to be available in the public domain.