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      I'm a web application
      pentester turned game hacker.
      except...OLLYDBG IS A
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      Question Ollydbg | Memory Changes Every Time Game Restarts

      Silent VPN
      Okay so perhaps this is incredibly noobish of me, but nonetheless i need a hand.

      So i am following Fleep's tutorial using Ollydbg and everythings going fine. I Open the game, Attach Cheat engine, Find the Ammo. i select "what Writes to this address" and i take the address highlighted in red text into notepad. After this i close cheat engine and attach Olly. everything is fine when i search the address. i find what i need so i'm continuing the tutorial. I noped off a call and the game crashed, I didn't think much of it. I re started the game, Re-attached Olly and searched the address i got previously with cheat engine and it takes me to a completely different memory address. Which is not even remotely connected to what i am attempting to change. All comments are also removed.

      The Game I am trying to hack is CS:Portable (Critical Strike Portable) it's like a rip off of counter strike. Anyway it's created in the Unity game engine.

      Am i doing something incorrectly? If someone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it! Since this is driving me nuts lol

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      Sounds like an incorrect pointer, it's probably a multi-level pointer. Try finding the address to that red value, and do a "What accesses this pointer". if the address you found was green. You can try doing a pointer scan and looking in a different location.

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      Creating UE3 x86/x64 tut
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      If you still can't figure it out, perhaps I can help? PM me your skype or something.

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