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      Unhappy C# Trainer Tutorial

      Silent VPN
      Hey someone can give me a little help?
      I'm doing a trainer for this game on Steam Torchlight 2...

      Everything was ok, until now...

      I got all address and offsets to get the hack working but when i restart the game it seems that those base address has changed, but when i do all over again it appears as the same!
      It doesn't work until i try to "find what access this address"!
      After that the trainer works perfectly!

      Any advice?


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      Well, i don't think someone could understand me on this!
      Anyway, now i used pointer scan, Agent Smith once told me that address like "Torchlight2.exe"+0028F0E0 was easy to solve , "Torchlight2.exe" usually means 00x004000000, adding this to 00x028F0E0 we have 00x4002800 and 5 offsets!
      But i can't get that to work :/

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      Learning to hack games!
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      So your pointer works but not your code?

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      Nov 2012
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      It does, but when i close the game and open again seems that addresses has changed, but as soon as i start searching for it again it works!
      Usually when i find any address and click in "find what access this address".

      I will try to explain with my trainer!

      Baseaddress for Health, Mana and Status change is = 0x77b53738!
      i've got all offsets, the trainer is working using this address. When i close the game all static address seem to be hidden, i can't write to it anymore, when i start CE and start looking for those values again it appears as the same (0x77b53738) and i can use the trainer again, but if i don't look for it , i can't use the trainer!
      I can't edit the pointer after restarting game even with CE.

      Unlikely "Torchlight2.exe"+0028F0E0, this address i got using pointer scan, but i can't convert, and make it work!
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      Silent VPN
      Pointer scanning is not needed to find a pointer to your player class.

      There are multiple ways of achieving this.

      Here is one:

      Search for: "Always Crit" then scroll down a little bit and you will get to the place shown in the picture.

      C# Trainer Tutorial

      As you can see, I have marked the calls that are responsible for getting a static pointer to your player class

      Inside the call you will find:

      C# Trainer Tutorial

      So if we add it all together.

      0x28A865C + 0x2C == Player Base
      0x28A865C + 0x30 == Pet Base (Does not always work so don't use it)

      So, if we take a look at it in the dissect window.

      C# Trainer Tutorial

      And here is a little gift from me.

      Player Base + 0x7D5 = Always Criticals. You need to set it to either 1 or 0 for it to take effect.

      I am a little bit of a rush. I have to take care of a few things but I think this will help you.

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