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      Learning to hack games!
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      Actionscript 3 hacking[Flash]

      Silent VPN
      Here's a tutorial by me that explains how to hack ActionScript 3 by using class overriding. There are a few ways to hack actionscript 3 including hex editing and variable changing by making a trainer.

      I posted this video because as you may or may not know, Actionscript 3 is getting very advanced up the point that games will be starting to be made in 3D(Kind of like DirectX and OpenGL). However, games made in AS3 are able to be played on web browsers since it is still a Flash game. I thought this would be useful. I learned this from a friend, Bmanatee, who has a tutorial on his blog including a few cool tools like a packet editor and other things.
      Here are the videos.I'll explain the concept of Class overriding after the videos.

      Credits to my friend, Bmanatee, for discovering this method of AS3 hacking and telling me how to use it. I used his tutorial as a reference just in case I forgot some things. I have made a few hacks using this (PLAYED ON YOUR BROWSER. Basically a prehack.) method. I can include a link if anyone wants them.

      Actionscript 2 and 3:
      Actionscript is a programming language invented by Adobe. The official IDE for it is Adobe Flash. The most current to my knowledge is Adobe Flash CC. Anything made in Flash(Not including Air, IOS development, and Android development) can be played on a web browser. Flash is also used for animations. Believe it or not, every popular page on the Internet may have some sort of flash element. YouTube uses Flash for their video player. Many or all video players are made in Flash. All or most ads are made in Flash. Flash can except certain parameters in HTML called Flashvars. Flashvars can be gotten in any form. YouTube uses the get method to get flashvars. Hence the ?v=uVq6bY8lTbw in video links. It's what distinguishes the videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch.php is the php page. The ?v= determines what video is played using YouTube's database. Everything was made in ActionScript 2 until 2009 when ActionScript 3 came out. An extremely powerful language that removed a lot of limitations that ActionScript 2 had, such as 3D combined with Full screen,which allows use of the right click button on your mouse. After ActionScript 3, Adobe Air(Part of Flash) came out. It's basically ActionScript 3, except that it is an executable instead of an SWF that can be played on the computer. This allows Air to use system files to make extremely powerful programs and even games. In the future, 3D games may be made in Adobe Air as well. A good cheat prevention that Actionscript 3 had is that in order to play multiplayer, the SWF has to be played on the URL the server belongs to thanks to the sitedomain.xml file that adobe has. Some SWF files have sitelocks that makes it legal only to have it play on the URL that the sitelock is set for. These can be easily removed, however. Actionscript 2 was originally able to be hacked using Flasm and hex editing. To make the process much easier, people sought a different way. The way that was found was using the Microsoft visual languages. Visual Basic was most commonly used due to how easy it is to use. C++ and C# can also make a trainer for an AS2 game. There's really no way to tell if a game is AS2 or AS3 without looking at the code itself using Flash decompilers. Some flash games are encrypted or obfuscated, which are nearly impossible to crack so that hackers don't look into the game's code.

      Class overriding:
      External classes was new to Actionscript 3. It made the structure and syntax more like Java and C++. An example of what every class must have is the following.

      The [[]] boxed mean that this is something that is only put under a certain condition. All external classes use the extension ".as". Also, FILENAME in the code means the actual file name without the extension.
      package [[somefolder.someotherfolder]] { //If not the main class, you must put the folder after the package. So lets say the Main class is located under the folder C:\Main\. In the \Main\ folder, there is also the folder somefolder and inside somefolder, 
      //there is someotherfolder. So this class would be
      //located under C:\Main\somefolder\someotherfolder
      [[import flash.display.MovieClip;]] //[[This is only used when it's in the main class or is the class of a movieclip.]]

      public class FILENAME [[extends [[MovieClip]] ]] { //extends basically means that it's importing every property of the object after it. In this case, it's MovieClip. The Movieclip is always used in the main class and in different classes, it can extend other classes
      //or other objects such as Sprites, graphics, ect. extends does not have to be included in classes that hold functions. Ex: MD5/SHA encryption functions.
      //Global variables go here.

      public function FILENAME(){
      //This is the constructor. Basically, any code here is run one time when the SWF is started.

      Basically, class overriding can litterally delete the old class in the game sneak in your own class that you made in place of the deleted one. Lets say that There is a class called ScoreBoard in a game that says:

      package engine{

      public class ScoreBoard{
      var playerScore:Number=0;

      public function ScoreBoard():void{
      addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, doScore);

      private function doScore(e:Event):void{

      I can delete that class and add my own class that I can make do whatever I want. I can make it add 1 score or 100 score every frame. I can essentially add or delete code to my liking to the class or I can make it do nothing.(NOTE, IF IT DOESN'T HAVE WHAT EVERY CLASS HAS TO HAVE, THE GAME WILL CRASH AND ERROR). Here's an example of it adding 100 score every frame.

      package engine{

      public class ScoreBoard{
      var playerScore:Number=0;

      public function ScoreBoard():void{
      addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, doScore);

      private function doScore(e:Event):void{

      Class overriding basically allows me to do whatever I want to the classes.

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      Nice, but please don't compare AS3 with DirectX/OGL

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      Learning to hack games!
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      Silent VPN
      Also, don't forget to link bmanatee's block for future tutorials and or references regarding hacking

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