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      explode strings
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      Dec 2013
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      Question DirectX transparent overlay

      Silent VPN

      i found guided hacking a while ago and thought i could try and improve my c++ skills.
      So i started with creating a working mem aimbot out of some sources from this site and after that i wanted to create an esp with direct x... but real external.
      I started creating the window, no border and transparent.. no problem so far but as i started to code the d3d part i encounterd the problem that i can not make the background / backbuffer transparent so i could see the game window in the background.
      The backbuffer will be black or what ever color i use but no possibility to make it transparent with d3ddevide->clear() and D3DCOLOR_RGBA or _ARGB...
      Making a copy of the space behind the window would probably give me an image of the game but it would lag like hell...

      I could provide you with the source but it is very messy, not splited into files with no comments or only some for navigation through the file
      All sources i downloaded so far where internal or they were detouring functions... so not what i was looking for.

      If you could provide me with some ideas, information or snippets on how to let the game draw in realtime in the background and me drawing the esp or whatever on the overlaywindow i would be very grateful.

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      The Angel Of Verdun
      Always More To Code!
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      Dec 2013
      England, SW
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      I dont know if this is considered advertising as its teaching but this website ( https://www.directxtutorial.com/Less....aspx?listid=9 )
      is really good, when i attempted D3D related projects without any prior knowledge this really helped me - just take your time reading through
      it and who knows you could improve on somethings you already knew

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      explode strings
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      Dec 2013
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      I read across the page and its quite informative.
      Maybe i will try some stuff later but it is not realy a help for my problem because they dont try to do some thing like this... nor i found a way to do so there.

      Im not quite to fixed to use a transparent window... so if there is another mehtod where i do not use a hook or inject i would give it a try
      It is also not possible to make the backbuffer transparent by seting the window alpha to 0 ;D it will also make the d3d stuff transparent... this would be the last possible way to do it.
      Just set down the alpha so i could see throu the backbuffer and still have the esp drawn, but less visible.

      There are sure ways i dont know or i didnt saw them as one.
      Im open for suggestions!

      Thanks anyway

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      shell toes yes
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      Mar 2013
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      Download s0beits external base and have a look at how he does it

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      explode strings
      Lukor's Avatar
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      Dec 2013
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      Well i couldn't find s0beits external base... maybe im just blind but the search here and on google wont show it to me...
      But i found some other external esp's for BF4 wich could come in handy because they do it the way i wanted.

      It would be great if you could provide me the link to his base anyway

      I was about to wrie that it didnt work... event with the new source, where i know it should.
      But i looked over the parameters for the device wich says how the backbuffer should work and saw that the setting was to ignore alpha (D3DFMT_X8R8G8B8)...
      I had tried the _A8.. for my window too, where it didnt work, but finaly i can be sure it will work if i make everything right ;D
      Since i didnt found anything about a window overlay on the forum im thinking about releasing the source once i have finished it.

      Thanks for your help until now.
      Last edited by Lukor; 12-16-2013 at 01:52 PM.

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      Learning to hack games!
      Feeling Normal
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      Jun 2012
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      Silent VPN
      take a look https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/lib...(v=vs.85).aspx

      and it has to do with the color to mask out de black background but i am to looking for to draw only the text.

      UINT value that enables a per-channel write for the render-target color buffer. A set bit results in the color channel being updated during 3D rendering. A clear bit results in the color channel being unaffected. This functionality is available if the D3DPMISCCAPS_COLORWRITEENABLE capabilities bit is set in the PrimitiveMiscCaps member of the D3DCAPS9 structure for the device. This render state does not affect the clear operation. The default value is 0x0000000F.

      Valid values for this render state can be any combination of the D3DCOLORWRITEENABLE_ALPHA, D3DCOLORWRITEENABLE_BLUE, D3DCOLORWRITEENABLE_GREEN, or D3DCOLORWRITEENABLE_RED flags.

      i am on the right track here

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