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      Feeling Normal
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      Questions about C++

      Silent VPN

      I'm pretty new to C/C++. I'm doing C# for 1 year now, so I want to learn a new, higher-level programming language.
      I dedicated a whole day to reading tutorials/books about it and now I (think I) know the basics of it.

      As I saw there is no need for Dll input, as all of the functions I need is in the header files and this makes me easier to do memory things.

      But I would have some questions about some things I can't understand.
      What does this means? '->' And this? '^'
      What are DWORDs and other "unusual"(for me) variable types? I know int, bool, short, long etc. but the capital letter types are foreign to me. What are the differences between a DWORD and an integer? Or a LPCSTR and string(or char[])?
      What can I use pointers for? I saw a lot of people using it(the '*' symbol) but what can they achieve with it?

      I'm out of questions for now

      Thanks in advance!

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      1. c++ is lower-level than C#
      2. pstructureX->valueY actually means that pstructureX is a pointer to a structure, if you want the structure itself u need to use *pstructureX, and if you want the value valueY within structure x you need *pstructureX.valueY which means the same as pstructureX->valueY
      3. read this https://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/pointers/ to learn pointers.


      EDIT: and for the data types look at this, you can also (in VS) right click a data type and see where the definition is it helps to understand.
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      Learning to hack games!
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      If you highlight DWORD or any other variable or function in Visual Studio and press F1 it'll take you to the MSDN website and give you a brief explanation.

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      Kim Kong Trasher
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      Silent VPN
      * dereferences the pointer, ie instead of just reading the value a variable wholds it will read the value at the address the variable holds.
      Questions about C++

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