WPE Pro Sonic - Winsock Packet Editor Collection Download

WPE Pro Sonic - Winsock Packet Editor Collection Download password: guidedhacking.com

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WPE stands for Winsock Packet Editor and is an awesome tool for hacking games using packets. The developers site has been gone for years, so I'm posting it for everyone to download. WPE Pro is the most popular software ever made for hacking packets in video games, this page itself gets a ton of traffic every month, it is widely sought after, especially by people playing old MMOs and browser games. Why you ask? Because it makes replaying packets incredibly easy and there are many tutorials on the net teaching you how to use it. This tool lets you capture and replay packets easily, so lets say you attack a target, you can capture that packet and resend it. If the server doesn't have proper validity checks, you could kill your opponent very quickly by sending multiple attack packets. Checkout the packet hacking guide for more infos: Guide - How to Hack Games Using Packets - Start Here

This includes 5 different versions:
  • WPE Pro Modified 0.9
  • WPE Pro 0 Delay
  • WPE Assistant
  • WPE Sonic
  • rPE

We have to password protect the zip files because sometimes they are detected as malware. Our downloads are not malware, they are false positives and they are safe to download.

PASSWORD: guidedhacking.com

It's not a virus, it's a false positive from your AV. You must run as administrator and run your game/browser as administrator. Should work on Windows 7, unsure of Windows 10. If you're using Windows 8, kys.

If you need a tutorial search youtube there are several, couldn't find a good one worth posting here.

Here are the additional features provided by WPE assistant:

1. WPE Pro Shortcuts
  • Allows you to use WPE even if it is in background/minimized
  • - Start logging
  • - Pause logging
  • - Stop loggins
  • - Log sequence = Start logging + LMB Click + Stop Logging
  • (This is the best way to capture only single packet. All you need to do is prepare everything move your cursor where it should click to do action ingame and press sequence shortcut key)
  • - Toggle Filters (Turn Filters ON/OFF)
  • - Change WPE target to active window
  • - Quit Wpe Assistant
  • * Some shortcuts are disabled if there is nothing targeted in WPE PRO (filter and logging stuff)
2. Improved winsock packet editor pro title
  • Shows detailed info about targetted window e.g.:
  • WPE PRO - [World of Worcraft] [Process: Wow.exe] [PID: 1241]
  • As you can see there is target window title, process name and process id.
3. Improved target window title
  • The main purpose of this is to be able to see wpe state while it is minimized/in background.
  • - Original title icon is replaced with icon showing logging state (different icons for Start, Pause, Stop)
  • - There is line at the bottom of window title bar if filters are enabled (or it can be announced by message)
3. Wpe Assistant Helper
  • - Can show slot IDs image anytime you need it with single click
  • - Can Show offsets image help (credits for both images to dreadlox - ripped from his topic) with single click
  • - Buttons are not disabled after use - you can use them to bring help window to foreground if it is already opened
4. winsock packet editor Assistant Renamer
  • - You can set custom title to any "record window" - so you do not need to remember everything anymore (you can write what is logged directly into title)
  • - Detects custom record titles at startup in case you closed WPE Assistant
  • - To rename record do following:
  • 1. Select (focus) record you want to rename
  • 2. Click rename button
  • 3. You should see "_" at the end of selected record title (that is the caret)
  • 4. Edit record title (you can write, delete, replace, copy&paste, select all with CTRL+A and delete,...)
  • 5. Finish renaming with ENTER (ESC or any other action - mouse click - will cancel renaming
5. Wpe Assistant Converter
  • - Converting from Dec to WPE Hex
  • - Converting from WPE Hex to Dec
  • - Supports white spaces so you can copy&paste (from logged packed/into filter/...)
  • - Works with big numbers (so it can handle e.g. 10k gold: 10 000 00 00 -> 00 E1 F5 05)

Virus Scan - lots of red but it's just false positives for being a "hack tool"

Read our complete packet guide
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