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Wild Guns Reloaded Cheats - Mono 2020-07-22

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Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. Wild Guns Reloaded is a great game to enjoy this hobby. A game played by a single player & developed in 1994 by Natsume is a shooting gallery game. There are six levels in this game, and this game is straightforward and fantastic. A single-player or multiple players can play this game. You can challenge your friend in this game and compete with him. This game’s story is about a young woman named Annie, who is fighting for her family, who was killed by a Kid family. She is a skilled shooter, and she is assisted by a hunter Clint, a renowned space bounty. The player can control Annie or Clint, and the player has to shoot enemies and dodge enemy fire. But have you considered hacking this game with Cheat Engine? Keep reading to learn more about our Wild Guns Reloaded cheat table.

Enemies and bullets can shot down. Defeating items will upgrade the player’s skills, and you will unlock many precious things like gold and silver. Weapons such as guns are boosted by player playing skills and increase firing speed. Once the guage at the bottom of the screen is filled, the player will be awarded the most influential gun, which is the Vulcan gun grants a lot of power. The game is entertaining, and you must try it!

Wild Guns Reloaded Cheats - Mono

A shooting game requires the ultimate finesse of a player to prove treasures. The sublime features of the game, the diversification of selections, and classic gaming visuals all have been produced for you. Just imagine the energy that would have been withdrawn for its creation. That’s all dedicated to your passion. Multiply your sincerity for gaming through some of the hacks in the form of a trainer. Our Wild Guns Reloaded cheat table contains all those cheats that you're in search of. Download it and open the file with Cheat Engine and you can start hacking this game.


Wild Guns Reloaded Cheat Cheat Trainer Features
  • God Mode
  • infinite lives cheat
  • Infinite special bombs
  • instant boss kill

Sample Cheat Engine Scripts

God Mode:
if (LaunchMonoDataCollector()==0) then
  error('Failed to Activate Mono Features')

db C3 8B EC 56 83 EC 04


db 55 8B EC 56 83 EC 04
//Alt: db 55 8B EC 56 83 EC 04
Infinite Lives:

db 90 89 45 F4 83 EC 0C

//code from here till the end of the code will be used to disable the cheat
db 48 89 45 F4 83 EC 0C
//Alt: db 48 89 45 F4 83 EC 0C
Instant Boss Kill:
{ Game   : WildGunsReloaded.exe
  Date   : 2018-06-22
  Author : ChrisPC

  This script does blah blah blah


aobscan(kill_boss,0F B6 87 25 01 00 00) // should be unique



mov byte ptr [edi+00000125],01
  movzx eax,byte ptr [edi+00000125]
  jmp return

  jmp newmem


  db 0F B6 87 25 01 00 00



""+500CF8C: E8 FF 52 FE FF                 -  call 04FF2290
""+500CF91: 83 C4 10                       -  add esp,10
""+500CF94: D9 87 20 01 00 00              -  fld dword ptr [edi+00000120]
""+500CF9A: D9 EE                          -  fldz
""+500CF9C: DF F1                          -  fcomip st(0),st(1)
""+500CF9E: DD D8                          -  fstp st(0)
""+500CFA0: 72 0D                          -  jb 0500CFAF
""+500CFA2: E8 99 AF 02 00                 -  call 05037F40
""+500CFA7: D9 EE                          -  fldz
""+500CFA9: D9 9F 20 01 00 00              -  fstp dword ptr [edi+00000120]
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
""+500CFAF: 0F B6 87 25 01 00 00           -  movzx eax,byte ptr [edi+00000125]
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
""+500CFB6: 85 C0                          -  test eax,eax
""+500CFB8: 0F 84 78 00 00 00              -  je 0500D036
""+500CFBE: 8B 87 04 01 00 00              -  mov eax,[edi+00000104]
""+500CFC4: 3D 05 00 00 00                 -  cmp eax,00000005
""+500CFC9: 75 19                          -  jne 0500CFE4
""+500CFCB: 8B 87 08 01 00 00              -  mov eax,[edi+00000108]
""+500CFD1: 85 C0                          -  test eax,eax
""+500CFD3: 75 0F                          -  jne 0500CFE4
""+500CFD5: E8 3E 01 00 00                 -  call 0500D118
""+500CFDA: C7 87 E0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  -  mov [edi+000000E0],00000000
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