Welcome to the Game Cheats - WTTG Cheat Table

Welcome to the Game Cheats - WTTG Cheat Table 2020-07-23

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Welcome To The Game is developed and published by Reflect Studios and released in 2016. It is a horror puzzle game featuring the simulation genre. It is strictly not made for children and contains adult content. This spooky game will give you creeps as it takes you to the world of Deep web. The player’s main objective is to find the Red room, which is actually an online service where you can witness interactive torture and violent adult like content.

In order to find the Red Room’s URL, the player has to rummage for eight hidden keys in the Deep web. The player progresses to these keys after solving puzzles on the Deep web. There are several mini puzzles to be solved to save yourself from hackers. Also, keep your eyes open for kidnappers! You never know who is behind you. But what if we mix it up and see what we can do to Welcome to the Game with Cheat Engine?

Please know that the Deep web may contain content not for children, this may include sexual content, nudity, blood shed, violence or any other type of mature content. So play at your own risk.

Welcome to the Game Cheats - WTTG Cheat Table

Welcome To The Game is a unique game which promises to take you to another world, however, it may bewilder you enough to scratch your head. We all love puzzles don't we? But some of them just tend to get on our nerves. No worries, all you need is a cheat engine specially formulated for Welcome To The Game. Cheats can serve you a greater advantage in the game and help you get closer to the Red room. Solving puzzles will no longer be a problem once you download the Welcome To The Game Cheat Table. This trainer features incredible cheats including freeze time, slowdown time, trackers, hackers and kidnapper. Use them and exalt your gameplay. Just download the Welcome To The Game Cheat Table and its game on, use the link at the top of the page.


Cheat Features
  • Freeze Time
  • Hackers
  • Trackers
  • kidnapper
  • Slow down time
freeze time cheat:

aobscan(time,55 8B EC 57 83 EC 04 8B 7D 08 E8 79) // should be unique



  mov ebp,esp
  push edi
  sub esp,04
  jmp return

  jmp newmem


  db 55 8B EC 57 83 EC 04



""+4D900B0: 8D 65 FC              -  lea esp,[ebp-04]
""+4D900B3: 5F                    -  pop edi
""+4D900B4: C9                    -  leave
""+4D900B5: C3                    -  ret
""+4D900B6: 00 00                 -  add [eax],al
""+4D900B8: 68 C8 3A 2D 0B        -  push 0B2D3AC8
""+4D900BD: E9 66 FF 9B FF        -  jmp 04750028
""+4D900C2: 00 00                 -  add [eax],al
""+4D900C4: 00 00                 -  add [eax],al
""+4D900C6: 00 00                 -  add [eax],al
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
""+4D900C8: 55                    -  push ebp
""+4D900C9: 8B EC                 -  mov ebp,esp
""+4D900CB: 57                    -  push edi
""+4D900CC: 83 EC 04              -  sub esp,04
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
""+4D900CF: 8B 7D 08              -  mov edi,[ebp+08]
""+4D900D2: E8 79 97 F9 FF        -  call 04D29850
""+4D900D7: D9 47 4C              -  fld dword ptr [edi+4C]
""+4D900DA: DE E9                 -  fsubp st(1),st(0)
""+4D900DC: D9 5F 50              -  fstp dword ptr [edi+50]
""+4D900DF: D9 47 50              -  fld dword ptr [edi+50]
""+4D900E2: D9 47 34              -  fld dword ptr [edi+34]
""+4D900E5: D9 05 90 1E 06 0F     -  fld dword ptr [0F061E90]
""+4D900EB: DE C9                 -  fmulp st(1),st(0)
""+4D900ED: D9 05 98 1E 06 0F     -  fld dword ptr [0F061E98]
Slow down challenge time:

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