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We did a coding competition on this game, here is my cheat engine table from it
includes health, armor, ammo playername localPlayer pointer and no description and pointerscan result :trollface:


check the discussion thread for a trainer I made and here's a link to the original competition

Here's all the other information I posted about the game

Recently we held a competition to make hacks for the game Warsow. It is a pretty cool game and it was fun to hax0r also.

You can download the game and it's source code here: Warsow

Here's my small reclass I was working on, it works for local player & bots.

class playerent
    __int32 playerNum; //0x0000
    char _0x0004[24];
    vec vLocationHead; //0x001C
    vec vViewAngle; //0x0028
    char _0x0034[32];
    __int32 selectedWeapon; //0x0054 //"weapon index" it's an integer, 1 is the first weapon, 2 is the second weapon
    char _0x0058[36];
    __int32 team; //0x007C //not sure which team variable is correct
    char _0x0080[4];
    __int32 team2; //0x0084
    __int32 team3; //0x0088
    char _0x008C[348];
    __int32 playerNum2; //0x01E8
    char _0x01EC[192];
    DWORD target; //0x02AC
    char _0x02B0[136];
    __int32 mass; //0x0338
    char _0x033C[24];
    float health; //0x0354

class PlayerClass
    playerent * ent; //this points to the games "playerent" class, the other variables are my local variables
    vec vAimbotAngles;
    float dist;
    float fCrosshairToTargetAngle;

    //constructor used to populate playerVector
    PlayerClass(DWORD * player)
        ent = (playerent*)*(DWORD*)player;
        dist = 0;
        fCrosshairToTargetAngle = 0;
        vAimbotAngles = {};

initial routine:
std::vector <PlayerClass> playerVector;
playerent* localPlayer;
DWORD playerPointerArray = 0;

//most of the pointers were relating to these modules:
DWORD warsow_x86exe = (DWORD)GetModuleHandle("warsow_x86.exe");
DWORD game_x86Module = (DWORD)GetModuleHandle("game_x86.dll");

//I think game_x86.dll only loads when in game, if you exit the game/go to main menu it unloads
if (game_x86Module != 0)
playerPointerArray = (game_x86Module + 0x1302D50);
localPlayer = (playerent*)*(DWORD*)playerPointerArray;//first pointer in playerPointerArray is the localPlayer
Here is how I populate my playerVector:
    void readPlayerData()

        int numOfBots = 3; //using this for testing, I never found a "numOfPlayers" variable

               //0x0 is the pointer to the  localplayer, 0x14 is a pointer to the first bot
               //Keep adding 0x14 to get to the next player pointer
        DWORD firstBotAddress = (playerPointerArray + 0x14);

        DWORD * playerPtrs[31] = {};

        //pull only bot ptr data from memory location
       //need a variable for numOfBots/Players
        for (int i = 0; i < numOfBots; i++)
            playerPtrs[i] = (DWORD*)(firstBotAddress + (i * 0x14));


        //should add some code here to validate the pointers are to actual players
        for each(DWORD * player in playerPtrs)
            if (player != NULL)
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