Warcraft II Battle.net Hacks - Unruly

Warcraft II Battle.net Hacks - Unruly 1.0

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Warcraft II Battle.net Hacks - Unruly


This is my first post and I have decided to offer you all "never seen before hacks". Not sure there is many modders left like me for Warcraft II BNE not DOS! If you have any questions or issues please get a hold of me.


1. AI Plays for You - (Single Player) - If you play on a map that has a passive player and you rescued it. You can toggle on or off the ability for a AI to control and play the game for you.

2. Cheat Codes - (Multi Player) - This is a huge one! I'm not sure how this was missed over all the years and now the game is dead haha. This hack will allow you to use any single player cheat code in multiplayer. There is a catch all great things aren't so great. 2 flaws 1. If you enter a cheat code it will broadcast "Player has enabled/disabled cheat". 2. If you enable a cheat it will enable it for all players in game.

3. Player Hijack - (Multi Player) - This will allow you to toggle to another player. You will have all their stuff and GUI. You should use this with your current map hack or w/e. Choosing a non existing player might cause the game to crash. The program needs updated.

4. Auto Win - This should be used when you are losing and want to draw instead of loss. Deceitful name I Apologize for that.

5. Iron Man - Disables the need for 1200 rating to create or enter Iron Man Ladder host lobbies.

6. Memory Editor - So here is a basic memory editor i coded with hard coded addresses and offsets. The current list is for spells/building. This alone is multiple hacks in one.

A. New build hack you no longer need the building required for the tech tree unlock. Freeze the Building to a Farm or Mage Tower and building attempts are frozen to Farm or what ever you chose.

B. You can freeze spells and over write other commands. For example we freeze Spells / Commands to the spell Blizzard and select mages and click attack and then they all blizzard. Example below in YouTube video.

WARNING: the report does say virus but feel free to inspect or w/e More false flags for hacktool.
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