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Unreal Finder Tool - Unreal SDK Generator - GObject GNames Finder 3.1.0

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About Unreal Finder Tool :
it's tool to dump information from any unreal engine 4 game.
it's useful for Find information like GObjects Array and GNames Array.
this two arrays give u ability to generate SDK for the game.

Where to get this tool :
this tool are published as Source Code (C++), so you can see how it's work.
there is also a released version. so u don't need to compile it your self.

What this tool do :
  • Find GNames.
  • Find GObjects.
  • Instance Logger.
  • Sdk Generator
Compatibility :
  • Windows 64bit, (32/64bit) games.
  • Windows 32bit, (32bit) games Only.
  • All UE4 Games (32/64bit).
  • All UE4 Versions.

Screen Shots :

Nice and Easy UIi use ImGUI for easy and beautifully UI
Find GNamesFind GNames array
Find GObjectsFind GObjects array
Instance LoggerDump GNames and GObjects into file
Sdk GeneratorGenerate CPP SDK
Read/Write KernelRead/Write Process memory with Kernel

Source code :

if you used my tool in any project or cheat, don't forget to give me some credits.

@CorrMBuild This Tool ✌
@WheresMyRideBug Haunter 😂
@KN4CK3RBase SDK Generator
@harakirinoxBypassPH (Read/Write Kernal)
Change Log
25-06-2019 - 3.1.0

  • Support ProcessEvent.
  • Add colors for GObjects input field.
  • Add some useful items on Menu Button.
  • Add Donate Popup.
  • Some Improves for GObjects Finder.
  • Add example JsonEngine file DeadByDayLight.json.
  • Some Bugs fixed.
18-06-2019 - Atomic edition
  • Improves for SDK-Generator:
    • Now it's super super fast And Generate a Full Dump.
      • A lot of fixes.
      • Some core changes.
      • Fix bug that's case a non-full SDK.
    • Fix bugs when your target is x32 and the tool is x64.
  • Improves for Generated SDK:
    • Now it's ready to use direclty.
      • Support for Gobjects Chunks.
      • Add InitSdk Function.
      • Add FindObjects Function.
      • Solve bug, Some time Generator genrate a cpp keyword as param or bad char on variable names.
  • Some UI changes and bugs solved.
  • JsonEngine is system that's use josn files as container for main ue4 structs.
    • Since UE4 have different versions, some time ue4 structs changes.
    • That's make fix specific games problems is easy, since the most of problems because of UE4 Version structs changes.
    • So JsonEngine give me the ability to just create an other json file that's have the changed structs to override default structs to support any other UE4 version.
  • SDK generator ReWork is hard changes for sdk generator.
    • That's make the tool now faster than before significantly.
    • Easy to add and improve feature In the future.
  • Tool Debugging, it's to help fetching why tool crashed and generate file that's help to solve the problem.
  • New UI that give me some space to add new Features.
  • Address Veiwer is a hex viwer to dump memory arround to address pulled form the tool.
    • That's give you ability to check if your address is valid to use or not.
  • Add some UI labels.
    • Unreal Version: That's fetch which UE that game development with.
    • Win Title: Get window title of target game.
  • GObjects/GName Finder Improved.
    • Let GNames address that's pulled from the finder to be used directly without need to dereference it.
    • GObjects Finder now get GObjects chunks address.
  • SDK Generator Improved.
    • Fix some bugs that's case some problem or missed offsets.
    • Fix some code form that's slow the generating progress.
  • Performance improves.
    • GObjects/GName Finder now really faster and more stability.
    • Instance Logger now really faster and more stability.
    • SDK Generator now really faster and more stability.
  • BUGS.
    • Fix some UI bugs.
    • Fix some Finder bugs.
  • Improve Sdk Generator.
    • Sdk Generator now significantly faster
    • Some organization for Sdk Generator code.
  • Improve Class Finder.
    • Now can search for class name of address.
      • Put instance address and the tool will give you instance class name
    • When you search for class name you will get also instance thats derived from class name.
      • it's useful to find your target fast, you will get the name of derived next to instance address.
      • In example you search for PlayerBase you will get PlayerBase, PlayerExtarBase and GamePlayer.
    • Now significantly faster.
  • Support GObjects Chunks.
    • Some games use GObject's chunks as same as GNames, so i just support it.
    • You still can set the addres of first UObject in GObject list or first chunk address.
    • Auto detect it's first UObject or first chunk address.
  • Add Class Finder.
    • Search for instance with his class name.
    • Useful to find some hard adrress, for ex: to make a sig to scan.
  • Add new settings.
  • Sdk Generator +10% faster.
  • Add Game Name, Game Version to Sdk Generator.
  • Add Sdk Type to Sdk Generator.
    • Internal: Usually used when your target is inject dll into game process.
      • It's generate functions and funtction params. without ReadAsMe/WriteAsMe function.
      • You can directly cast/write block of memory as your class/struct.
    • External: Usually used when your target is write or read game process memory from your process.
      • Support read as object (class/struct) with ReadAsMe function in every class/struct.
      • Support write as object (class/struct) with WriteAsMe function in every class/struct.
      • It's useful to read/write block of memory as class/struct.
      • No functions generaterd for external for now. maybe later i will support call function from external.
      • To support ReadAsMe/WriteAsMe in your project, you need to edit settings file.
      • Good example for read function here, for write function same as read but WriteProcessMemory.
  • Some Optimization.
  • Add UI.
  • Some changes to SDK Generator and Instance Logger.
  • Let GObject address getted form GObject Finder be valid to use directly.
    • You can now just set the address you get from GObjects finder in the GObject input field.
  • Add SDK Generator.
  • Add Settings file.
  • Improve Instance Logger.
  • Add JSON reflctor.
  • Convert Instance Logger to JSON reflector.
  • Add Instance Logger.
  • First version released
First release
Last update
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This guy made a great job. This tool is like god <3
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This tool is amazing, huge props to CorrM & timb3r
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