UnEpic Cheat Table - God mode

UnEpic Cheat Table - God mode 2020-07-22

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Unepic exploits the gamer’s mastery by implanting trials in between Daniel’s way. It resembles the gameplays and the plot of some of the past’s fantastic games. One might compare it with the Legend of Zelda series. With various orthodox stunts, exigent quests, and own dependency, the game has made a statement since its release in 2011, a little late to make a Cheat Engine hack but hey why not, it was on sale on Steam.

A threatening castle is where Daniel has to muddle along to carry on. Every bit of the fort let go of the defiance upon the character. With challenges, not the only ones posing the threats, the rooms wrapped up with dark upheaves the burden on your resistance.

Customization of the character is a grant to you by the producer. The character build-up, whether as a thief or as a warrior with precise attacking capabilities with the meticulous provision of powers, depends on the placement of skill points.

The game’s composition makes it complicated and arduous to get rid of the batch of species. Well, possessing melee tactics, weaponry, and the sense of the situation, the character can change its angles, climb up and down, and use the opposers’ weakness to subjugate. Try collecting the required objectives while interacting with the merchants or doing what so ever is imperative. Unepic will be an epic thriller for you to marvel at.

UnEpic Cheat Table

The game’s complexity is evident. Challenging quests, challenges, and objectives should be of the level to question you. That’s what makes the game interesting. There’s no doubt that survival becomes a little harder to achieve; well, that’s what keeps you in the game. Trying harder and harder each time to replicate or produce a first-ever definitive performance should be mutated into cherishing and delight. I have a way towards that transformation of input to the desired output. It’s none other than Cheat Engine. It’s a trademark and a hidden secret & worth the effort. The cheats that are part of the Unepic cheat table are to be executed well to be proven. Download it now!


UnEpic Cheat Features

  • God mode
  • infinite gold
Example Cheat Engine Scripts
God mode cheat:
{ Game   : unepic.exe
  Date   : 2020-07-06
  Author : ChrisFaytePC

  This script does blah blah blah


aobscanmodule(health3,unepic.exe,D9 44 24 0C D9 96 74 04 00 00) // should be unique


cmp [esi+D4],#1
jne code
fild dword ptr [esi+00000470]
  fst dword ptr [esi+00000474]
  jmp return
  fld dword ptr [esp+0C]
  fst dword ptr [esi+00000474]
  jmp return

  jmp newmem
  nop 5


  db D9 44 24 0C D9 96 74 04 00 00



"unepic.exe"+8B8F7: 74 17                 -  je unepic.exe+8B910
"unepic.exe"+8B8F9: 3B C3                 -  cmp eax,ebx
"unepic.exe"+8B8FB: 7E 13                 -  jle unepic.exe+8B910
"unepic.exe"+8B8FD: DB 44 24 14           -  fild dword ptr [esp+14]
"unepic.exe"+8B901: DC 0D 40 D7 53 00     -  fmul qword ptr [unepic.exe+13D740]
"unepic.exe"+8B907: E8 54 44 08 00        -  call unepic.exe+10FD60
"unepic.exe"+8B90C: 89 44 24 14           -  mov [esp+14],eax
"unepic.exe"+8B910: D9 86 74 04 00 00     -  fld dword ptr [esi+00000474]
"unepic.exe"+8B916: DA 64 24 14           -  fisub [esp+14]
"unepic.exe"+8B91A: D9 5C 24 0C           -  fstp dword ptr [esp+0C]
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"unepic.exe"+8B91E: D9 44 24 0C           -  fld dword ptr [esp+0C]
"unepic.exe"+8B922: D9 96 74 04 00 00     -  fst dword ptr [esi+00000474]
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"unepic.exe"+8B928: D9 EE                 -  fldz
"unepic.exe"+8B92A: D8 D1                 -  fcom st(0),st(1)
"unepic.exe"+8B92C: DF E0                 -  fnstsw ax
"unepic.exe"+8B92E: DD D9                 -  fstp st(1)
"unepic.exe"+8B930: F6 C4 41              -  test ah,41
"unepic.exe"+8B933: 75 06                 -  jne unepic.exe+8B93B
"unepic.exe"+8B935: D9 96 74 04 00 00     -  fst dword ptr [esi+00000474]
"unepic.exe"+8B93B: D8 9E 80 01 00 00     -  fcomp dword ptr [esi+00000180]
"unepic.exe"+8B941: 8B 7C 24 18           -  mov edi,[esp+18]
"unepic.exe"+8B945: DF E0                 -  fnstsw ax
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