Trials of Mana Cheats - God Mode, infinite mana

Trials of Mana Cheats - God Mode, infinite mana 2020-07-22

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Trials Of Mana was released in 1995 and developed by Square. It is an action role playing video game (RPG), its japanese title is Seiken Densetsu 3. It is the third installment of the Mana series, after the 1933 game ‘Secret Of Mana.’

The magnificent high rated game features three main plotlines and three heroes struggling to claim the legendary Mana sword in the exaltant fantasy world. The heroes are also on a mission to stop the Benevodons from creating devastation for the world. Excitingly, there are 6 different main characters, each featuring his own storyline, allowing the players to play both single player and two-player mode. Plus, the availability of a range of characters unlocks various skills and status progressions, thus making the game gripping and engrossing for gamers. This is a great game, but you can use Cheat Engine to unlock all the skills and items much easier, so keep reading to learn how to do that.

Trials of Mana Cheat Table

Conquer Trials of Mana with ease! There is no way your hostile enemies and the cruel game obstacles can stop you from winning victoriously. All you have to do is download the specially formulated Cheat Table. We have put together the best cheat codes for the fans of Trials Of Mana. Players can use these ingenious hacks to outdistance enemies, get out of difficult situations and master the gameplay. Just download the Trials Of Mana Cheat Table and become invincible! Use fast movement cheat code to become swift as the wind, or gain relentless power with the Power Level hack. Players can also use the super jump hack to leap over great distances, not only this there is an infinite mana hack for a limitless supply of mana as per the gamer’s convinence. You can also enable the God mode and enjoy your jubilant gameplay as the mightiest gamer. Simply download the Trials Of Mana Cheat Table and get them all!


Cheat Features

  • God Mode
  • infinite mana
  • Power Level
  • Super Jump
  • Fast movement
Cheat Engine Scripts
Get player base address:
{ Game   : Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe
  Date   : 2020-04-25
  Author : ChrisFaytePC

  This script does blah blah blah


aobscanmodule(health_addy1,Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe,49 03 90 78 01 00 00) // should be unique
alloc(newmem,$1000,"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83C4)


dq 0


  add rdx,[r8+00000178]
mov [health],rdx
  jmp return

  jmp newmem
  nop 2


  db 49 03 90 78 01 00 00


// ORIGINAL CODE - INJECTION POINT: "Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83C4

"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF839B: 4E 5E                                         -  pop rsi
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF839D: 01 00                                         -  add [rax],eax
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF839F: 00 00                                         -  add [rax],al
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83A1: 66 66 66 66 66 66 2E 0F 1F 84 00 00 00 00 00  -  nop word ptr cs:[rax+rax+00000000]
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83B0: 40 53                                         -  push rbx
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83B2: 48 83 EC 20                                   -  sub rsp,20
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83B6: 48 89 D3                                      -  mov rbx,rdx
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83B9: 41 0F B6 D1                                   -  movzx edx,r9l
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83BD: 48 C1 E2 09                                   -  shl rdx,09
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83C1: 48 89 D9                                      -  mov rcx,rbx
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83C4: 49 03 90 78 01 00 00                          -  add rdx,[r8+00000178]
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83CB: E8 30 1A 5A FB                                -  call "Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+599E00
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83D0: 48 89 D8                                      -  mov rax,rbx
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83D3: 48 83 C4 20                                   -  add rsp,20
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83D7: 5B                                            -  pop rbx
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83D8: C3                                            -  ret
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83D9: CC                                            -  int 3
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83DA: 41 8A 81 00 01 00 00                          -  mov al,[r9+00000100]
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83E1: 48 C1 C0 38                                   -  rol rax,38
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83E5: 48 C1 E8 38                                   -  shr rax,38
"Trials of Mana-Win64-Shipping.exe"+4FF83E9: 41 8A 89 90 08 00 00                          -  mov cl,[r9+00000890]
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