The Catch - Carp & Coarse Cheat Table

The Catch - Carp & Coarse Cheat Table 2020-07-27

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The Catch is a sports genre video game developed and published by Dovetail games. If you are a die hard fan of fishing, then this is the game for you. However, unlike the usual monotonous fish hunt, this game is brimming with excitement, thrill and adventure. Unleash your hunting skills in The Catch - Carp and Coarse as the gigantic monster fish swims it way to you. In the base mode, the player is allowed to familiarize with the environment and movement pattern of the different fish species. Also, there are various locations for the gamer to choose from. When the game begins, you can see the five distinct locations on the display and can select the one that suits you. These locations include Loch Mickle, Oxlease Lake, Pearl lake, River Ebro and Rotterdam. Plus, you can choose to change the weather and time of the day. The gamers can compete in five sporty events, each having a challenge of its own, these five are namely, Float, Predator, Carp, Grand Slam and Species Hunter. The game features a fantastic menu screen and a relaxing screensaver too. The Catch - Carp and Coarse has received a massive amount of positive reviews from the public and has been a game changer amongst all the fishing games.

Download The Catch - Carp and Coarse cheat table to experience the ultimate fun and excitement in your favorite fishing game. Have a greater advantage in the game play with some high level cheats. For instance, use the infinite money hack to own all the luxuries of the game or try the reel breaker value cheat and show them who’s the boss! And now for the best part, get your own FPS override cheat to enhance your gaming experience with an increase in sensitivity of the live view. You can download the cheats using the green button at the top right hand side of the page.

The Catch - Carp & Coarse Cheat Table

Cheat Trainer Features
  • infinite Money
  • FPS Override
  • Reel Breaker value
Cheat Engine Scripts
Main Cheat script:
aobscanmodule(_Money,FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe,8B 46 1C 89 45 1C 8B) // should be unique
aobscanmodule(_FPSUnlock,FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe,44 0F 2F 0C 87)
aobscanmodule(_ReelBase,FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe,18 F3 0F 10 80 BC 03 00 00)

cmp [_enableFPSOverride],1
jne codeFPSUnlock
push rdx
mov rdx,[_FixedFrameRateVar]
mov [rdi+rax*4],rdx
pop rdx
  comiss xmm9,[rdi+rax*4]
  jmp returnFPSUnlock

mov [_pMoney],rsi
  mov eax,[rsi+1C]
  mov [rbp+1C],eax
  jmp return

mov [_pReelBase],rax
  movss xmm0,[rax+000003BC]
  jmp returnReelBase

  jmp MoneyMem

  jmp FPSUnlockMem
  jmp ReelBaseMem
  nop 3

dq (float)60
dq 0
dd 0
dq 0

  db 8B 46 1C 89 45 1C
  db 44 0F 2F 0C 87
  db F3 0F 10 80 BC 03 00 00
unregistersymbol(_Money, _pMoney,_FPSUnlock,_enableFPSOverride,_FixedFrameRateVar,_ReelBase,_pReelBase,FPSUnlockMem)

// ORIGINAL CODE - INJECTION POINT: "FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D789

"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D767: 48 8B E9              -  mov rbp,rcx
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D76A: E8 21 7D B1 FF        -  call FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe+295490
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D76F: 8B 46 10              -  mov eax,[rsi+10]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D772: 48 8D 56 30           -  lea rdx,[rsi+30]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D776: 89 45 10              -  mov [rbp+10],eax
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D779: 48 8D 4D 30           -  lea rcx,[rbp+30]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D77D: 8B 46 14              -  mov eax,[rsi+14]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D780: 89 45 14              -  mov [rbp+14],eax
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D783: 8B 46 18              -  mov eax,[rsi+18]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D786: 89 45 18              -  mov [rbp+18],eax
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D789: 8B 46 1C              -  mov eax,[rsi+1C]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D78C: 89 45 1C              -  mov [rbp+1C],eax
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D78F: 8B 46 20              -  mov eax,[rsi+20]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D792: 89 45 20              -  mov [rbp+20],eax
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D795: 8B 46 24              -  mov eax,[rsi+24]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D798: 89 45 24              -  mov [rbp+24],eax
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D79B: 48 8B 46 28           -  mov rax,[rsi+28]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D79F: 48 89 45 28           -  mov [rbp+28],rax
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D7A3: E8 48 F4 F5 FF        -  call FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe+6DCBF0
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D7A8: 48 8D 56 40           -  lea rdx,[rsi+40]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D7AC: 48 8D 4D 40           -  lea rcx,[rbp+40]
"FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe"+77D7B0: E8 0B FB FF FF        -  call FishingGame-Win64-Shipping.exe+77D2C0
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