Terraria Cheat Table - Simple Lua Trainer for

Terraria Cheat Table - Simple Lua Trainer for 1

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This is my Terraria Cheat Table, I know the trainer looks really bad and lacks features sorry I'm still learning, I have the offsets for some other stuff I just don't know if I can add them to the trainer. I learned how to make a LUA trainer from a tutorial from Youtube and all the other stuff from here.

You need to disable the windows defender or add the exe to your exclusions and you have to enable the script before you click on add.

Terraria is an action packed adventure game in the sandbox style, and it's blocky, kinda like Minecraft but it's a third person scroller. It contains many of the same elements, like exploration, crafting, building & combat with various creatures. Terraria is made by Re-Logic and was released in 2011, amazingly it's still a very popular game after all these years.

My Terraria cheat table has scripts which will grab the addresses for the local player health, local player mana, and the player's breath. The LUA trainer allows you to add 100 to your health, mana and breath easily with a click of a button, just make sure you enable the script first.




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