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Steambirds Alliance Cheat Table & Auto Assemble/Opcodes V2.3

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Updated as of 6/27/2020
If it doesn't work anymore don't pm me to update.

I must have weird taste in games. I find it more enjoyable to cheat on games that are on the verge of death. It really brings new life to an already dead game.

Anyways i updated everything. The goal was to not be ban. I don't know if they just lost money and couldn't afford any server side anti-cheats like they had when the game first launch. But i took a new route into what lua function i should manipulate. Something that isn't obvious enough to instantly ban me but still provides a huge advantage over normal gameplay. With that being said this does NOT mean you wont be ban. But as of right now i'm not ban from using any of these.

This doesn't mean we can't have real godmode or gun damage manipulation etc (anything game breaking). it just means i didn't even bother to look into those. I burned through 8 different steam accounts just to test the game. I really don't care that much. What more do you need then something that is basically the same as god mode?

First Step before you do ANYTHING -

Check the "Activate, Shoot in Game, THEN MUST DEACTIVATE"
Go into your game while you are still in town and SHOOT your gun.
You should see everything being populated now in the address table.
DEACTIVATE the "Activate, Shoot in Game, THEN MUST DEACTIVATE"
Start editing the values or activating "No Enemy Bullets"

Below is what everything does -

BulletSize - Size of your bullets. Depending on your gun this can break the way you shoot. I don't know why i'll find out one day i guess? I like anywhere between 10 - 50 (Float)

Gun Distance from Body - Where your "Bullets" will shoot from. Every value higher then 0 = how far away it will be from the body. I don't know why you want this but there it is.

Bullet Speed - 100 is the sweet spot. Any lower then it to slow. Any higher then it just breaks. Do 100 (float)

Gun effectAmount - I don't know what this does. Either way i made it so boss gun effects are frozen in time when they shoot (The circle shape bullet bombs) but this value is the players. So maybe if the game has it own version for the players we can edit it? I never played the game far enough to find out.

No Enemy Bullets - the closest thing you can get from god mode. I decrease all enemy bullet speed to be so slow that they vanish before they are seen. And all enemy effect bullet to never spread they just freeze in place. They are still there but they wont be shot towards you.

All these give us a huge advantage over normal players while still not being so obvious that we will get ban.


Below is for anybody that wants to learn what i did.

Here is the source for how i got all the info using the script from "Activate, Shoot in Game, THEN MUST DEACTIVATE"

Pulling EAX as base address from running memory:

{$lua} // Calls the mono function so we can actually interact with get_bulletSize
if syntaxcheck then return end
if LaunchMonoDataCollector() ~= 0 then
    local mId = mono_findMethod('Assembly-CSharp', 'GunMountInfo', 'get_bulletSize')

define(MyPlayerInfo,GunMountInfo:get_bulletSize+d) // We are going to use bulletSize to get OUR info
alloc(PlayerInfo,$100) // a place to store our saved EAX



  fld dword ptr [eax+00000088] // eax+88 = bulletSize. But who cares. eax is used for a lot of things that involves our gun. let get the base.
  mov [PlayerInfo],eax // we move the base address to PlayerInfo. Done. Now we can just add address manually and do something like [PlayerInfo]+88 which is the same as [eax+88]. it is a share
  jmp GrabInfoReturn // registry though so we deactivate it once we got OURS. That way we aren't saving enemy address into our PlayerInfo

  jmp GrabInfo


  db D9 80 88 00 00 00

The idea is get_bulletSize has a instruction for fld dword ptr [eax+00000088].

We know eax+88 = bulletSize. But after examining multiple instructions that involves our gun i realize that what ever is in "eax" it is being used for other stuff like bullet speed. usually goes like eax+??

so eax is our base pointer. we can pull this from live memory by doing mov [PlayerInfo],eax which saves what ever address is in eax into our own created location named PlayerInfo

We registersymbol PlayerInfo onto cheat engine and it as simple as going to cheat engine and adding address manually. I know eax+88 = bulletSize. So i do [PlayerInfo]+88.

everything can still be easily analyze through Mono > Activate Mono Features > Dissect Mono > Assembly-CSharp > GunMountInfo
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