Star Ocean the Last Hope Cheats

Star Ocean the Last Hope Cheats 2020-07-22

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Star Ocean the last hope is the addition with the subscript of 4 into the Star Ocean series. Packed up with thrill and amusement, the game is based mainly upon science-fictional ideas with actions upon it. This is an evolving team game as a four-member battling system is encouraged. Based upon opinions of science fiction, a player holds the charge of his mammoth ship that can travel space and different planets, testing the player’s ability to resist the opponent’s strikes. How about making combat even easier with the usage of Cheat Engine? Keep reading...

The game revolves around the leading character named Edge, who, along with his crew, structures his against the dreadful adversary_Grigori. This addition to the Ocean series even adds to some exciting features such as Rush Gauge and Blindsides. Download our Star Ocean the Last Hope Cheat Table to make this game super easy. These features license the player to launch massive thwack on the rivals and to guard itself against those competitors who aim to attack from the back, respectively. Besides this, the character number has gained one compared to previous games in the series to battle against the rivals. A player is granted permission to take control of the spacecraft captain and then decide its destination. There’s a recreation room as well, letting the teammates communicate with each other and proceed further. Practice within your team and showcase your abilities in real-time fighting. Pick the appropriate resources and untie the knots to further advancements.

Star Ocean the Last Hope Cheats

To be honest, it’s a fantastic game that bags up the sterling setting and exquisite gameplay. Jammed packed with too much of the above, demands justice. As a player, your sentimental should be positive and very well-directed. Along with the positive mindset and skills; what you need is the assistance of cheats to value your gaming. Download the Star Ocean the Last Hope cheat table and get it into play in anxiety situations. You are equipped with some of the interesting type ins-cheats such as “Edge Magic,” “Edge XP,” “God Mode,” etc. Use them and do use them well.


Star Ocean The Last Hope Cheat Table Features
  • God Mode
  • Edge Health
  • Edge Magic
  • Edge XP
  • Fol Address
Cheat Engine Scripts
god mode:

aobscanmodule(health2,StarOceanTheLastHope.exe,41 8B 5E 1C 49 8B CE) // should be unique



push rax
mov rax,[r14+14]
mov [r14+1C],rax
pop rax
  mov ebx,[r14+1C]
  mov rcx,r14
  jmp return

  jmp newmem


  db 41 8B 5E 1C 49 8B CE


// ORIGINAL CODE - INJECTION POINT: "StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558B9

"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+655896: 44 0F 2F C7                    -  comiss xmm8,xmm7
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+65589A: 76 18                          -  jna StarOceanTheLastHope.exe+6558B4
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+65589C: 41 0F 28 C2                    -  movaps xmm0,xmm10
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558A0: F3 41 0F 59 C4                 -  mulss xmm0,xmm12
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558A5: F3 44 0F 5C C0                 -  subss xmm8,xmm0
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558AA: 41 0F 2F F8                    -  comiss xmm7,xmm8
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558AE: 76 04                          -  jna StarOceanTheLastHope.exe+6558B4
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558B0: 44 0F 28 C7                    -  movaps xmm8,xmm7
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558B4: 48 85 FF                       -  test rdi,rdi
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558B7: 75 0E                          -  jne StarOceanTheLastHope.exe+6558C7
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558B9: 41 8B 5E 1C                    -  mov ebx,[r14+1C]
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558BD: 49 8B CE                       -  mov rcx,r14
// ---------- DONE INJECTING  ----------
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558C0: E8 6B 9E 10 00                 -  call StarOceanTheLastHope.exe+75F730
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558C5: EB 30                          -  jmp StarOceanTheLastHope.exe+6558F7
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558C7: 48 83 FF 01                    -  cmp rdi,01
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558CB: 75 0E                          -  jne StarOceanTheLastHope.exe+6558DB
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558CD: 41 8B 5E 20                    -  mov ebx,[r14+20]
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558D1: 49 8B CE                       -  mov rcx,r14
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558D4: E8 17 A0 10 00                 -  call StarOceanTheLastHope.exe+75F8F0
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558D9: EB 1C                          -  jmp StarOceanTheLastHope.exe+6558F7
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558DB: 49 8B 07                       -  mov rax,[r15]
"StarOceanTheLastHope.exe"+6558DE: 49 8B CF                       -  mov rcx,r15
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