Squalr - C# Memory Scanner

Squalr - C# Memory Scanner 2.3.13 Beta

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Squalr was originally released as an open source memory editor, however changes have been in the works to make the backend that powers Squalr available to everyone via NuGet.

Squalr has the following features:
- Memory Scanning
- Standard Memory manipulation APIs
- x86/x64 assembling and disassembling
- Debugger -- Find what Reads/Writes/Accesses an address
- C# scripting to allow easy access to all of these APIs from Squalr

In some cases the scanning in Squalr can be 5x faster than Cheat Engine -- Especially for cases that CE struggles with, such as scanning for 0.

There are many other features still in the works that are ready for release soon (Unrandomizer, Speed hack, and more). The components of Squalr are now available via NuGet, and of course the GUI is available as well at Squalr

For more info, see the documentation on the GitHub page: Squalr/Squalr

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