Spelunky trainer - spelunky hacks

Spelunky trainer - spelunky hacks 1.0

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Hi Guys,

So while practicing my "game hacking" skills, I decided to try and make a trainer for the steam game Spelunky.
This trainer is written in C# and has the following cheats :
  • Set health
  • Lock health (unlimited health)
  • Set Bombs
  • Lock bombs (unlimited bombs)
  • Set ropes
  • Lock ropes (unlimited ropes)
  • Set money
  • Lock money (unlimited money)
  • Set current held item (spawning items)
  • Teleport to exit
  • Teleport to coordinates
  • Set stage
  • Lock timers
  • Find all entities in current map
  • Teleport selected entity to player
  • Teleport player to selected entity

I wouldn't be able to make these kind of things if it wasn't for this awesome forum and youtube channel.

If you have any tips, tricks or additions; feel free to let me know.

You can also check out the code and even contribute!

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Spelunky trainer - spelunky hacks
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