SolZipper - Easily Zip Visual Studio Projects for Uploading

SolZipper - Easily Zip Visual Studio Projects for Uploading 1.1

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If you need help debugging your code, zip it up using this tool and attach it to your thread. It will remove the bloat files and zip it for you.

The goal of this tool is to be able to download the zip, extract it and all the necessary things are preserved and you can hit compile and it works instantly, so I don't have to play with the compiler for 10 minutes every time someone neeeds help.

Github: guided-hacking/SolZipper

If other files/folder need to be added to the exclusion list or if there are any bugs, please let me know.

SolZipper - Visual Studio Solution Archiver - Version 1.0

What does this do?
  • Quickly zips up VS projects without the unnecessary bloat files
  • Adds Right Click Context Menu to Folders to Zip up Projects
  • You can also Drag & Drop your VS project onto the .exe


Posting Visual Studio projects on forums in zips makes helping people 100% faster/easier than them pasting their code into the post.

VS projects have lots of bloat and newbies don't understand what files we need so forums get bloated with worthless 100mb attachments.

I wanted to do something with std::filesystem and encourage people to post entire projects that are easy to debug.


Run the exe, you have 3 basic options:
  1. Install it, including the context menu handler
  2. Uninstall it
  3. Zip the folder
You can use the right click menu or you can drag and drop your solution folder onto the .exe

How does it work?
It uses a blacklist of bad folder names and extensions similar to .gitignore. It copies the good files to a temp folder. Then it uses Powershell to zip the folder.

- Visual C++ Redistributables
- Powershell

  • Replace powershell with actual zipping lib
  • Remove ghetto exclusion filter method
  • Fix exclusion false positives
First release
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Latest updates

  1. update 1.1

    fixed compatibility with weird paths

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Big Thanks. It's save me so much space on archive old projects <33
Excellent tool!
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