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ReClassEx is an updated version of the original ReClass maintained by dude719
It is a memory reverse engineering tool that can be used to generate class files for various game classes. These can be easily imported into your internal hack and is a must have tool in your hacking arsenal.

Many people prefer Download , try them both out.


Some people may still prefer the original style of this older ReClass version, if you want to checkout ReClass.NET it is in active development and have many new features and can be downloaded @ Download

Checkout the updated source code @ dude719/ReClassEx

New Features
  • Up and down arrow hotkeys to switch nodes
  • Delete hotkey to delete selected nodes
  • Delete icon to delete selected nodes
  • Right click quick modify menu
  • Hex 64 type
  • Insert 2048 bytes
  • New icons for some types
  • Fixed syntax highlighting for 64 bit when generating code
  • Fixed array sizes when loading .reclass files
  • Added more themes
  • Colorful tabs with sexy border
  • Added RTTI info for pointers
  • Cleaned up RTTI and made the RTTI string editable
  • Made addresses edittable for copy & pasting
  • Added memory swap option to switch endianness: thanks buddyfavors
  • Added Bits type for a bit view instead of text
  • Added ability to input module names in address node (e.g. 'reclass.exe+0x40')
  • Added Module list with the ability to create a new class at module start address
  • Added Console dialog with syntax highlighting
  • Added ability to load PDB file and display PDB Symbols
  • Process list dialog instead of scroll menu
  • Added automatic resolving of symbols for each module in a process
  • Added Ctrl+S hotkey for file saving, and others.
  • Added Plugin API for making plugins
  • Disassembly syntax highlighting (buggy)
  • View unsigned types in hexidecimal form via toggle
Credits to all the great people that are involved in the project:
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest reviews

Wondering if the scanner gonna be implemented any time soon. Best ReClass version in my opinion.
this is the old version and it's not under development. Reclass.NET is 100x better
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