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This is the newest and best version of ReClass made by KN4CK3R

This tool is mainly used to reverse engineer classes, it can generate classes based on the data you've reversed that can be easily included into your internal hack projects. This is a MUST HAVE tool in your game hacking toolkit.


How to deference module + offset ?

From wiki:
The memory address field of a class can contain a real formula not just a fixed address.

<Program.exe> + 0x123 will use the base address of Program.exe and add 0x123 to it.
[0x4012ABDE] will read the integer (4 byte on x86 / 8 byte on x64) from the address 0x4012ABDE and use this value as class address.
[<Program.exe> + 0xDE] - AB will use the base address of Program.exe, add 0xDE to it, read the value from this address and finally sub 0xAB from it.
[<Program.exe> + offset + [<Program.exe> + offset2]] Nested operations are supported too.

Valid operations are read ([..]), add (+), sub (-), mul (*) and div (/). Please note that all operations are integer calculations.

Cheat Trainer Features
  • Support for x86 / x64
  • File import from ReClass 2007-2016 and ReClass QT
  • Memory Nodes
    • Hex 8 / 16 / 32 / 64
    • Int 8 / 16 / 32 / 64
    • UInt 8 / 16 / 32 / 64
    • Bool
    • Bits
    • Float / Double
    • Vector 2 / 3 / 4
    • Matrix 3x3 / 3x4 / 4x4
    • UTF8/16/32 Text and pointer to text
    • Class Arrays and array of pointers to classes
    • VTable
    • Function Pointer
    • Function
  • Automatic Node Dissection
  • Highlight changed memory
  • Pointer Preview
  • Copy / Paste Support across ReClass.NET instances
  • Display types from Debug Symbols (*.pdb)
  • Display Runtime Type Informations (RTTI)
  • Control the remote process: start / stop / kill
  • Process Selection Dialog with filtering
  • Memory Viewer
  • Memory Scanner
    • Import files from Cheat Engine and CrySearch
    • Scan for values correlated to your input
  • Class address calculator
  • Code Generator (C++ / C#)
  • Module / Section Dumper
  • Linux Support (tested on Ubuntu)
  • Debugger with "Find out what writes/accesses this address" support
  • Plugin Support
    • Plugins can be written in different languages (example: C++, C++/CLI, C#)
    • Plugins can provide custom methods to access an other process (example: use a driver)
    • Plugins can interact with the ReClass.NET windows
    • Plugins can provide node infos which will be displayed (example: class informations for Frostbite games)
    • Plugins can implement custom nodes with load/save and code generation support

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More info on Github

If you don't like the new version you can get the old one @ Download - History
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Latest updates

  1. March 2020 update

    Contains all the latest commits including randomized window name to bypass some anticheats
  2. 1.2 but with 30 most recent commits since May

    Includes many bug fixes and other goodies
  3. update to v1.2

    Changelog: Added ArrayNode and PointerNode which can contain every other node Added...
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