Rake's Assault Cube Aimbot MultiHack

Rake's Assault Cube Aimbot MultiHack v2.16

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This is a multihack I created for Assault Cube when I was learning how to hack, it has aimbot, ESP and other features.

x64 Windows Only. Not compatible with 32bit Windows due to the loader it was packed with.

Cheat Trainer Features
  • Aimbot & ESP
  • No Recoil
  • Map Hack
  • Scope Hack
  • Full Bright
  • Fly Hack & Teleporter
It is an internal hack, inject it with a DLL injector

Removed GLUT dependency
Added Loader
Removed Buggy Teleport Kill Hack

Source Code - Keep in mind I made this many years ago
Virus Scan

In this assault cube cheats tutorial you will gain a keen understand in how an aimbot works and the advantaged of NoRecoil. An aimbot is a game hack that can allow you better accuracy on a target along with a NoRecoil game hack. By building an Assault Cube mod you can create aimbot source code, ESP, health bars, no recoil, teleport mod and teleport kill cheats.

All the great and advanced game hackers use these types of cheats to gain a better advantage over their computer gaming counterparts. This guided hacking assault cube aimbot will put you ahead of all the mediocre video games players you play against on a daily basis. You will enter the league of elite and advanced hackers who use aimbot source code to their advantage every day. Having a slight advantage over your computer gaming counter part is what you need in order to become the most elite and advanced game hacker you can possibly be. This gudied hacking tutorial will show you how you can become just like all the other elite hackers.

In this ESP NoRecoil game cheat tutorial you will learn the following:

. How to use a Aimbot
. How to use ESP hacks
. How to use NoRecoil cheats

And much much more.

Once you’ve completed this Cheat Engine tutorial you will have a greater understanding of how game cheats work and how you can use them to your advantage and become and elite gamer in the video games universe. Guided Hacking hopes you enjoy this game hacking tutorial and with the knowledge gained you will go on to progress your game hacking journey. Please share this game hacking tutorial with any body who you know is on their game hacking journey.
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed broken ESP

    My last update broke the ESP, I fixed it Distance scaling is still off, will fix later
  2. v2.15 update

    Removed Detours lib Retrofitted some newer framework functions into this old code Separated all...
  3. Minor Update

    Cleaned up some code Fixed broken aimbot Removed GH Loader, released only as DLL files DLL files...
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