Portal Cheat Table Trainer +3

Portal Cheat Table Trainer +3

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Game description

Portal is a creative puzzle platform video game developed and published by ‘Valve.’ The story of the game is led by the main character ‘Chell’ who is a woman held hostage and forced to undergo tests conducted in the ‘Aperture Science Enrichment Center’ of ‘GLados’ the evil Artificial Intelligence and owner of the centre. The tests include going through Portals while conserving the momentum. The ‘portal gun’ creates a hole which is a connection between two flat surfaces. The player and objects of the game, fling through portals using tricks and tactics to cross wide gaps and reach the exit for every test chamber. The strenuous game uses lasers, light bridges, tractor funnels and turrets to level up the thrill factor. The challenge is to reach the end while keeping up with the momentum to pass through each portal.

This mind boggling game is played with a first person view leading the main character in the single player campaign. It's all jumping, running and interacting with electrical devices as the player falls, gets killed and crushed to death while dodging toxic water, laser grids and constant fire of turrets.

Portal Cheat Table Trainer +3

Description of Cheats

If you want to be the game changer then you won’t regret downloading the Portal Cheat Table. Portal is quite a brain cell destroyer as you unlock higher levels. But how about gaining some extra advantages? Choose to open up a portal anywhere! It's you who control the game now with the ‘place portals anywhere’ cheat. Or simply choose to be immortal with ‘infinite health' and keep on playing the game with no fear of death. And last but not the least is the super exhilarating cheat to maximize the gaming experience of Portal is the ‘super speed’ cheat. So Download our Portal Cheat table and enjoy!

Cheat Trainer Features
  • place portals anywhere
  • infinite health
  • super speed
Portal Trainer +3

Release Date: 23.05.2011
Release Type: Trainer
Trainer by: l0wb1
Done with : DEngine 1.0
Fixed-Exe : (15)


Team Members:
- l0wb1t-----> Trainermaker / Gamehacker
- Recifense -----> Gamehacker
- mgr.inz.Player-----> Gamehacker
- HardcoreJoda-----> Net Host
- Skarfacer -----> Net host
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