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PCHunter is a toolkit with access to hundreds of settings including your kernels and kernel modules, processes, network, startup and a whole lot more. It was designed to help spot and remove malware including rootkits

It can be used to detect kernel and usermode hooks and more.


The current features of PC Hunter are:
  • Process Manager
    • View system process and thread basic information.
    • Detect hidden processes,threads,process modules.
    • Terminate, suspend and resume processes and threads.
    • View and manipulate process handles,windows and memory regions.
    • *Kernel Module Viewer
    • Display kernel module information including ImageBase,Size,Driver Object,ImagePath,ServiceName and Load Order.
    • Detect hidden kernel modules.
    • Unload kernel module(dangerous).
    • Dump kernel image memory.
    • Display and delete system driver service information.
  • Hook Detector
    • View and restore SSDT,Shadow SSDT,sysenter and int2e hooks.
    • View and restore FSD and keyboard disptach hooks.
    • View and restore kernel code hooks including kernel inline hooks,patches,IAT and EAT hooks.
    • View and restore usermode process hooks incluing inline hooks,patches,IAT and EAT hooks.
    • View and restore message hooks(both global and local).
    • View and restore kernel ObjectType hooks.
    • Display Interrupt Descriptor Table(IDT).
  • System Callback Viewer
    • Display and remove Kernel Notifications(Process/Thread/Image/Registry/Lego/Shutdown/Bugcheck/FileSystem/Logon).
  • Network Viewer
    • Display current network connections, including the local and remote addresses and state of TCP connections.
    • View and delete IE plugins and context menu.
    • View and restore tcpip dispatch hooks.
    • Display winsock providers(SPI).
    • View and edit hosts file.
  • Filter Viewer
    • View and remove filters for common devices including disk,volume,keyboard and network devices.
  • Registry Viewer
    • View and edit system registry.
    • Detect hidden registry entries using live registry hive analysis.
  • File Explorer
    • Detect hidden files using both disk analysis and driver methods.
    • View and delete locked files and folders.
    • View file basic information including NTFS Alternate Data Streams.
  • Autorun Manager
    • Display and delete common autorun entries.
  • Service Manager
    • Display Win32 service information (for Ring0 modules,it is included in Kernel Module Viewer).
    • Change service status and configuration.
  • DPC Timer
    • Enumerate and delete DPC Timer objects.
  • Miscellaneous
    • View and repair common filetype assosications.
      • View and repair image hijacks.
  • Settings
    • Option to defense from process creation,thread creation,module load and message hook installation.
    • Option to defense from file creation,registry key creation.
    • Option to prevent system suspend,log-off,shutdown and reboot.
    • Option to prevent locking workstation and switching destop.
    • Otion to prevent setting system time.
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