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Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Summer 2004 SDK Download 2020-10-21

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Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Summer 2004 SDK Download


Microsoft has made it very difficult to find this DirectX download, which is why we are mirroring it here.

The main purpose of hosting this download is because several of our original video tutorials tell you that that the 2004 version of the SDK is required. Those tutorials include:
-Video Tutorial - C++ How to make a DIRECTX MENU GAME HACK DIFFICULTY [3/10]
-Video Tutorial - C++ How to HACK Call of Duty 4 Wall Hack with Chams DirectX DIFFICULTY[6/10]

In 99% of cases, the 2004 SDK is not recommended. We recommend using the DirectX June 2010 SDK which is still available for download at:
Download DirectX Software Development Kit from Official Microsoft Download Center

If you install the 2010 SDK and have Visual Studio installed you should not have any issues and you shouldn't need to download anything else.

Once everything is setup, you must go to your project properties and include the SDK include and lib folders or your IDE will not be able to link and compile correctly:


If you are new to Direct3D you should checkout these resources:
Guide - How to Hook DirectX 9 - Direct3D Hooking Tutorials
Tutorial - How to find pDevice in DirectX 9 games
Source Code - Get Direct3d9 and Direct3d11 Devices - Dummy Device Method
Source Code - DirectX 9 - Overlay
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