Lost Planet 2 Cheat Table Trainer +5

Lost Planet 2 Cheat Table Trainer +5 DX9

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Game Description

Lost Planet 2 is a thrilling shooter video game. It is played with third person perspective. Lost Planet is actually the sequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Planet Condition, and a major part of the gameplay features comes from its first sequel. These features include major boss battles, extreme terrain, and the ability to control the Vital Suits (VSs), which are mechanized armors. However the additional features are a fiery release! Players are now able to ride on the sides of some VSs, which means these VSs can be controlled by one player, while two other players can cling to the sides while shooting. Plus, the flying VSs with infinite flying time is another exhilarating new feature.

Lost Planet 2 starts 10 years after the events of Lost Planet: extreme Planet Condition. The player is a mercenary and a part of a mercenary squad. The player takes a helicopter’s ride to a jungle, where the player is given the mission of blowing up a mine. The shooting begins and the player is on the go!

Lost Planet 2 Cheat Table Trainer +5


Cheat Trainer Features
F10 ---> Enable Trainer
NUMPAD 1 ---> Infinite Ammo
NUMPAD 2 ---> Infinite Thermo Pints
NUMPAD 3 ---> No Reload
NUMPAD 4 ---> Add Energy
NUMPAD 5 ---> Add Ammo for current Weapon

Team Members:
- l0wb1t -----> Trainermaker / Gamehacker
- Recifense -----> Gamehacker
- mgr.inz.Player -----> Gamehacker
- HardcoreJoda -----> Net Host
- Skarfacer -----> Net host

Our Lost Planet 2 cheat table can give you the luxury of enabling a trainer in the game. You can use cheat codes to enhance your gaming experience in multiple ways, like the infinite ammo or infinite thermo points cheat codes which make you that unstoppable player. Not only this, you can also use the ‘add ammo for current weapon’ cheat to never lose supplies during your shooting combat! What’s a shooting game without some useful cheats up the sleeve, the ‘no reload’ and ‘add energy’ cheats are the best tools to gain advantage over the enemies during a serious shooting face off! Get all these cheats in one cheat table, download the Lost Planet 2 cheat table and get it all.
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