ITrigger - C# Paladins Color Trigger bot

ITrigger - C# Paladins Color Trigger bot 2019-12-19

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ITrigger v2.0
Simple Color Trigger Bot for Paladins written in C#​

1. Change Game Settings
-Settings -> Video -> Screen Type = BORDERLESS WINDOW or FULLSCREEN
-Settings -> Gameplay -> Reticle Change Over Target = ENABLED
-Settings -> Gameplay -> Reticle Type =

2. Assign all Key Bindings

-Choose Key Binding Tab
-Click Edit Button
-Click desired Text Box for Key Binding you wish to change
-Press your desired key to assign it.
-Click Edit Button again after all changes have been made.

3. Set required colors
-Key Bindings "Set Normal, Set Target, Set OOR" must be assigned.
-Make sure your not aiming at any targets (in-game)
-Hit the Set Normal Key.
-Make sure you are aiming at a target, reticle should be Red-ish in color. (in-game)
-Hit the Set Target Key.
-Make sure you are aiming at a target. Make sure character is at a distance for reticle to be Orange-ish in color. (in-game)
-Hit the Set OOR Key.

-Verify all colors on ITrigger's interface in Colors have been set, and match corresponding reticle colors in game.

Easiest to set colors in the Shooting Range

4. Changed desired settings
-See Options in Definitions below.

5. Use hotkey to activate ITrigger
-In game you can now press the Key Binding to Activate(turn on/off) ITrigger. (Make sure Paladins is running before turning ITrigger on).

Normal - Color of reticle when not aiming at target.
Target - Color of reticle when aiming at target thats in range.
OOR - Color of reticlle when aiming at target thats Out of Range.
Tolerance - Amount of tolerance to be applied when testing reticle color. (Adjust as needed)
Fire Mode - Depends on character being used. Some characters require Full while others require Semi.
Enable Trigger Key - if check, Triggerkey must be held down for ITrigger to fire.
Fire on OOR - if checked, ITrigger will fire when target is out of range (orange-ish reticle).
Key Bindings
Activate - key used to turn ITrigger on or off.
Trigger Key - key to be held down if Enable Trigger Key is checked.
Set Fire Mode - key that changes Fire Mode.
Set Normal - sets the Normal color for reticle. (displayed in Colors)
Set Target - sets the Target color for reticle. (displayed in Colors)
Set OOR - sets the OOR color for reticle. (displayed in Colors)

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