ImpRec - Import Reconstructor + Plugin Pack

ImpRec - Import Reconstructor + Plugin Pack 1.7e

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The last official version from MackT is still 1.6. The 1.7f update is a third-party patched version of 1.6, which contains the following patches:

v1.7f FINAL (PUBLIC VERSION) fixes by cw2k
- Clean unpack of 'v1.6 FINAL (PUBLIC VERSION)'(UPX) + restoring header & imports
as close as possible to the original header
Short/stripped dos-Stub and other crap & dump grabage that make it to most AntiVirus proggies suspect before: 33/42 hits now: 0/42 hits

- Reappling and documenting of patches (Scroll to the end of that file)
Improve patch #1 "RestoreLastError" -> SetLastError bugfix

- Adding Fly's GUI-modification

- doing some clean up of the plugins (unpack/removing duplicates)

Also included in the archive:

CHimpREC: The Cheap Imports Reconstructor
by TiGa of ARTeam

This is the 32/64-bit imports rebuilder that I introduced at ReCon 2008 in Montreal.
Made for the best compatibility with WoW64 on x64-based Windows XP or Vista.

The first universal 64-bit imports rebuilder
32-bit version included
Interface similar to ImpREC
Integrated 32/64-bit process dumper
IAT AutoSearch from ImageBase or OEP
Unshuffle thunks function
Manual imports editor

No plugin support yet
No AutoTrace feature
No disassembler



- Fixed RestoreLastError API set to SetLastError for WinXP/Vista compatibility (MaRKuS_TH-DJM)
- user32.dll is always read from the system, prevents a crash from corrupted PE of user32.dll (MaRKuS_TH-DJM)
- Latest version of psapi.dll (6.0.6000.16386) included
- Fixed Vista64 crash bug (jstorme)
- GUI modified and improved (based upon Fly's modification)
- Updated/corrected plugins and deleted dups

v. 1.7a added the following fixes:

- Misc
- Fixed Win2K crash, AllocConsole was replaced with ActivateActCtx (jstorme)

The local download here contains the last unofficial patch, 1.7e. In addition to that, it also contains a big bunch of plugins, and also source code for many of these plugins (in all well-known programming languages, which is good for use as templates for new plugins etc).

Changes in Version 1.7b:

- Misc
- Fixed invalid API bug in user32.dll on Windows 98 (jstorme)
- Modified code to improve support for discardable/unreadable sections (jstorme)
- Fixed ImageBase problem with DLL's when "Use PE Header from Disk" is checked (jstorme)
- Added an "ImpREC Classic" looking version

Changes in 1.7c:

- Fixed bug introduced in 1.7b when DLL's have discardable sections (jstorme)

Changes in 1.7d:

- Misc
- Fixed bug introduced in 1.7b which destroys IAT Autosearch feature in some packed targets, like eXpressor 1.8 (Newbie_Cracker).
- Fixed crash introduced in 1.7b when DLL's PE header has "NO Access" flag (Newbie_Cracker).

Changes in Version v1.7e

- Misc
- Fixed a bug which avoids ImpREC to fix JMP DWORD [...] if it is located at the end of code section (Newbie_Cracker)
( Thanks to Nexus6 for report the bug and provide samples)

Plugin Pack

A pack containing a big bunch of plugins for ImpREC.

It also contains source code for many of these plugins, for most common programming languages/compilers (VC++/Delphi/MASM/TASM). This source code is of course good for use as template code for new plugins.

It contains the following plugins WITH source:

ASProtect 1.2x
eXcalibur 1.x
Morphine 3.3
Perplex 1.01
PESpin 1.3.04
RLPack 0.7
tELock 0.92x
Yoda 1.02

It contains the following plugins WITHOUT source:

ACProtect #1.dll
ACProtect #2.dll
ACProtect #3.dll
Alex Protector.dll
Armadillo 2.6.dll
ASProtect 1.22.dll
ASProtect 1.23 rc4.dll
ASProtect 1.2x Emul API #1.dll
ASProtect 1.2x Emul API #2.dll
ASProtect 1.2x.dll
ASProtect 1.3.dll
ASProtect 2.xx.dll
Cryptocrack's PE Protector.dll
Expressor 1.5.x.dll
Krypton 0.4 - 0.5 #1.dll
Krypton 0.4 - 0.5 #2.dll
Krypton 0.5.dll
NTKrnl Protector 0.1.x.dll
Obsidium #1.dll
Obsidium #2.dll
Obsidium #3.dll
Obsidium 1.3.dll
Obsidium 1.3.dll.txt
PECompact 2.7.x.dll
PELock 1.06 (regged).dll
PELock 1.06 (regged).dll.txt
PELock 1.0x.dll
PrivateExeProtector 1.8.dll
PrivateExeProtector 1.8.txt
Protection Plus 4.x.dll
RLPack 0.7.dll
RLPack 0.7.x.dll
RLPack 0.x.dll
RLPack 1.16.dll
RLPack 1.18.dll
SDProtector 1.12.dll
SVK Protector #1.dll
SVK Protector #2.dll
tELock 0.71.dll
tELock 0.92.dll
tELock 0.98 #1.dll
tELock 0.98 #2.dll
tELock 0.98 #3.dll
tELock 0.98 #4.dll
tELock 0.98 #5.dll
tELock 0.99.dll
tELock 0.9x.dll
Yoda Crypter 1.02.dll
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