Guided Hacking x64 Cheat Engine SigMaker Plugin CE 7.2 +

Guided Hacking x64 Cheat Engine SigMaker Plugin CE 7.2 + 2.0

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Download our new x64 Sigmaker Plugin for Cheat Engine 7.2 that will be updated for all new versions. It works on x86 and x64 games and it's as simple as right clicking on an instruction and clicking on "Copy Signature".


How often do you need to generate a signature in Cheat Engine?
- Every week!

How often do you need to generate a signature for an x64 game?

Why do you need a separate program to generate signatures?!

Why doesn't the old Cheat Engine SigMaker plugin work on Cheat Engine 7.2 the latest version?!

How come the old CE Sig Maker doesn't do x64 games?!!?


Me too! Which is why I am proud to present to you the:

Official Guided Hacking x64 Cheat Engine Sig Maker Plugin For CE 7.2+
  • Generates Signatures for x64 & x86 Processes
  • Works on Cheat Engine 7.2
  • Will be updated for every version of CE until I die
How it works
No clue, I kidnapped a developer and forced him to code this thing and then shot him in the head as soon as it compiled. Guess we'll never know.

But seriously, the Cheat Engine github repository contains sample projects that were easy to understand and I whipped it up like a boss :bicepleft::alex::bicepright:

The Output should look like this
Address of signature = ac_client.exe + 0x004b8f80
"\x8b\x54\x00\x00\x8b\x4c\x00\x00\x85\xd2\x74", "xx??xx??xxx"
"8b 54 ? ? 8b 4c ? ? 85 d2 74"
If the module name could not be resolved our Sigmaker plugin will simply output the address instead of the module name + relative offset on the first line.
You have both kinds of outputs and a reminder of what address it lived at when you generated it, ez pz.
It will generate a unique signature for the module it was found in. So when you setup your pattern scanning, scan the module not the entire memory.

How to Install
  1. Download using the green button on the top right of the page
  2. Open Cheat Engine Settings
  3. Click Add new
  4. Select the DLL
  5. Click Open
  6. Click the check box to the left of the plugin name
  7. Open Memory Disassembler
  8. Right click on a valid assembly instruction
  9. Click GH SigMaker - Copy Signature
  10. Now open a text editor and press CTRL-V to paste the signature you generated

But Rake, why do we need GH Cheat Engine SigMaker plugin?

Pattern Scanning or Signature Scanning is the art of finding a sequence of bytes in memory which matches a sequence of bytes you already identified. You scan the good regions of memory byte by byte looking for the first byte. When the first byte is found, you compare each subsequent byte against the known pattern. If all the bytes are found, your pattern matches and you found the area of memory you needed. This is extremely useful for games that update, it alleviates the need to find new pointers. Just use the signature, which should persist across most small updates and you won't need to do all that work again.

You pattern scan for CODE, not DATA
Meaning, your signature should be for assembly instructions which are converted into bytes. Like "mov eax, [esi]". You do not pattern scan for the health integer 100. You pattern scan for the code which accesses this address. When you pattern scan returns the resulting address of the matching instructions, you then read the memory in that area where the address is hardcoded into the instructions. Or you hook and pull the value out of register. If you are pattern scanning for DATA you will get false positives. There are fringe cases when you will scan for DATA but that's rare.

Learn more about pattern scanning: Guide - External & Internal Pattern Scanning Guide

So now you can use our Cheat Engine signature generator to easily grab signatures, with as little work as possible and keep your hacks updated easily. No more opening 3 tools to do 1 job. Cheat Engine is an amazing tool and it's been getting lots of updates lately, it certainly deserves a new signature generator plugin.

GH SigMaker Considerations
It should work on DATA as well as CODE but I don't recommend it
It should work fine on CODE outside of modules, but could potentially be an issue
The signature will be unique to the module it resides in, not the entire process
I can't implement a hotkey due CE's plugin functionality not aligning with my design
Wait for symbols to load before using

Virus Total Analysis

Credits: I was originally basing this on Segnosis's old plugin but I ended up recoding 70% of it, so cheers to him
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