Guided Hacking DLL Mono Injector

Guided Hacking DLL Mono Injector 1.2

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Official Guided Hacking Mono-Injector that you can use to inject DLL'S into any unity engine based games.

Hello all,

After my fun with Unity hacks I thought it would be cool to make an official Guided Hacking Mono-Injector!
It's very basic and I may add more to it over time.

Credits to Darthton for blackbone of course. mono injector

It's dead simple but whatever I thought I would add a README that tells you how to use it.

Also I would not recommend trying to inject if a game has anti cheat as I have not done anything special to bypass.
Try at your own risk and don't cry to me if you get banned.

Has been fun to make this mono injector


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Latest updates

  1. Updated main resource attachment to reflect last update

    Updated main resource attachment to reflect last update
  2. Added new target dll option

    Not tested but just added an extra option to target mono-1-vc.dll :) Let me know of any problems.
  3. Text box limit updated

    Sorry for the long absence. I will be checking in frequently from now on in case any more issues...
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