GTA Vice City Cheat Table
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A little rough but a good day's hacking. My friend pointed out that there's a stack of cheat codes, so I eventually started using them to help, but for the most part this is all done the old fashioned way.

There's a little bit of annoying stuff - the game is packed with something I couldn't identify, but scylla dumps the EXE super easy and we can reverse it from there. Also needs VEH, I'm guessing it's debugging itself as any breakpoints hit its own error handler and the game crashes.

My GTA Vice City cheat table still has a bunch of leftovers, I'm not 100% confident on the pointers so I've left a few of the pointerscan results in there just in case. Main things found:
  • Health and body armour (floats, set to whatever you like)
  • Money (4 bytes, set how you like)
  • View angles pitch/yaw (radians! -pi/2 -> pi/2 for pitch, clipped to pi/4 looking up, and 0 -> 2pi for yaw)
  • All the weapon slots
  • Player coordinates
  • Wanted level (there's a base value that's a bigger number and the actual star value is derived elsewhere, you'll need to overwrite both to set a particular level)
  • Health of vehicle the player is currently driving
GTA Vice City Cheat Table


To add/change weapons/ammo take a look at the pointers for these, weapon types are as follows:
  1. Knuckle dusters (knuckle slot)
  2. Screwdriver (melee slot)
  3. no idea
  4. Nightstick
  5. no idea
  6. Baseball bat
  7. Hammer
  8. Meat cleaver
  9. no idea
  10. Katana
  11. Chainsaw
  12. Grenades (grenade slot)
  13. Grenades?!
  14. no idea
  15. Molotov
  16. no idea
  17. Pistol (pistol slot)
  18. Revolver
  19. Shotgun (shotgun slot)
  20. Fancy shotgun
  21. Fancier shotgun
  22. Uzi (smg slot)
  23. Some smg
  24. Mac
  25. Mp5
  26. M4 (rifle slot)
  27. Shitty rifle
  28. no idea
  29. Sniper rifle (sniper rifle slot)
  30. Rocket launcher (special slot)
  31. Flamethrower (ammo is 10x what is displayed)
  32. no idea
  33. Machine gun
The weapon needs to be spawned, if it isn't then the game will crash (don't know how to spawn the weapons just yet). Ammo is easy to add, the game stores clip and total ammo, so the reserves are calculated from this (e.g. if you want 10 bullets in clip and 0 in reserve you need to set clip = 10 and total ammo = 10)

Wanted level thresholds:
  1. 50
  2. 180
  3. 550
  4. 1200
  5. 2400
  6. 4800
Set the wanted internal value to one of these or higher when setting the wanted level

There's a few different scripts for each feature to make it super clear what each one is doing, these can obviously be combined. You can die on godmode if your car explodes with you inside, the godmode 3 script prevents this but then you're still alive and stuck in a burnt out vehicle and can't do anything.

GTA Vice City Anti-Debugger
I took a detour here to try and figure out how to start the game with a debugger attached. Short answer is that the game doesn't start at all unless run via the steam launcher, but it still unpacks the game and does a bunch of checks before eventually exiting. Things I've found so far:
  • Running directly from the folder gives a 65434 error
  • Running with a debugger attached gives a 65635 error
  • Using Scyllahide to hide the debugger in the PEB (there's a direct check for this rather than any API) means the game still unpacks somewhat and then exits silently
  • Using Scyllahide with NtSetInformationThread hiding (not sure where this is checked) gives a 65434 error, suggesting that this and PEB[2] are the only checks (apart from timing checks, which will bite us if we try to trace)
  • Loader copies a big block of data into local vars and refers to them later, it also uses LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress to manually import all its API calls (easy enough to find and rename these in IDA for readability though)
  • There's some hash verification done of various blocks of code
  • The initial loader manually maps a DLL to 0x10000000 that I've just started analysing (need to figure out how to dump this and get memory mapping + imports right), this seems to do a bunch of calls to query various timers
  • There are a couple of branches that use CreateEvent and dump info to a shared memory file to Steam when it detects it's been tampered with, so presumably this is hitting VAC or something... not like it's a modern game or there's any chance to play it online though...
  • There's another EXE in the directory called testapp.exe that seems to play the game fine, slightly smaller in size, but there are comments around the internet that this is the way to make the game run without Steam starting - I'm curious what the main EXE does that's different, but this might be the easiest path forward. This doesn't seem to do any debugger checking, although it has problems recapturing the mouse after losing focus...
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