GH Entity List Finder
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Guided Hacking Entity List Finder

You input 3-4 addresses of different entity objects, and then this tool scans the process's memory space for pointers to these addresses. It filters the results by looking for other entity pointers in the nearby memory. If there are other entity pointers in close proximity, this represents a possible entity list. Each address which represents a possible entity list is displayed to the user. At that point you can do a little 5 minute investigation to discover which address is the correct one.

GitHub Repo:
.NET Framework 4.6.1 Runtime or higher.

x64 and x86 games.

Tested working on
Assault Cube, Sauerbraten x64, CSGO, Black Mesa, DOOM 2016, Bioshock Infinite
These include Source Engine, IdTech Engine & Unreal Engine

How to use
Download the tool

2. Open the tool and select your game process.


3. The "Max bytes between addresses" option allows you to reduce or increase the distance between every entity that you are trying to find. This number is in HEX.

Tip: Start with a lower number, or start with a bigger one and decrease it later when validating.

  • If you are unsure, just leave the default to start
  • A bigger number will give you more results but mostly useless.
  • A lower number will give you less results but accurate.


4. Put the player/enemy/object base address to find, one per line. This number is in HEX.

Tip: Put at least three addresses, but more addresses, better results!


5. Press the magic button and wait.


6. After a few seconds you will see the results on the right panel, those addresses are possible entity list addresses or
close enough to one of them, why? Because you don't know if you put on the search box the first object on the entity list,
so maybe the possible entity list is an address close enough to that.


7. Now you can modify your settings on the left panel and press the Validate button to search only on the results that
the tool gives you and filter bad results.


8. You can see, in this case, we filtered one result by reducing the "Max bytes between addresses" option.
This doesn't always mean that the address was bad, but if still there is results left, usually means that the result removed was bad.


9. As a reference, you can see that the correct entity list was the first one. Take into account that the real entity list starts
4 bytes less before the one we found (in AssaultCube), but that is something that the tool doesn't know, is up to you to work from here.


Video Description
First GH community project: GH Entity List Finder. It can be challenging to find the entity list so Guided Hacking made a tool that makes finding the entitylist in games like CSGO (counter strike global offensive) much easier. Written in C#, this tool is open source and uses the Squalr library.

Guided Hacking is an online game hacking, reverse engineering & coding forum and home of the Game Hacking Bible (online books which are each a step by step list of tutorials. Each step builds upon what you learned in the previous tutorial. Each book has 10-20 chapters.). Guided Hacking also provides tools such as GH Injector and GH Entity List Finder to help with learning game hacking. In This video, we will be learning how to use the GH Entity List Finder.

This reverse engineering tutorial simplifies the process of finding an entitylist. This tool turns a list of different entity objects into a list of possible entity list addresses by brute force searching for an array of entities. Works for source engine reverse engineering. We test the software with assault cube and reclass in the video, but applicable for a broader selection of games.

Creator: @KISKE Contributors: @Boboo99 @Rake
Thanks @Aecial for the
Squalr memory library which was used
Beta Testers: @timb3r @Kleon742 @Icew0lf @BDKPlayer
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

Latest reviews

Very useful tool, I always give it a try if I can't find the list myself.
Great Tool. Works well!
This tool works surprisingly well, it will prove to be an invaluable tool. People struggle with entity lists and this will make it a lot easier.
Great Tool. Works well!
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