GH - Assault Cube Cheat Engine Table

GH - Assault Cube Cheat Engine Table 1.1

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This is a Cheat Engine Table for Assault Cube

This new section is a place we can all post our Cheat Engine Tables. We can even keep these updated as a community. For instance, this is my Cheat Engine Table, there are probably 10 other Assault Cube tables posted on the forum. We can combine them all to make a master GH CE Table. Would be cool.

This table has all the basics and more
  • Origin & Head Position Vectors
  • Angles
  • Health, Armor, Ammo, team, state
  • CurrentWeapon, Next Weapon, Previous Weapon, weapon enumerator
  • Window resolution
  • Crosshair Id
  • Map Entities
  • flag pointers
  • cvar pointers

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  1. merge with Euryphelous's table

    Merged with his table, thank you @Euryphelous added:
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